Thursday, April 16, 2009


What would your hierarchy of needs collage look like?
Are your needs being met?
Are the choices you're making getting you what you want?
Is what you want the same as what you need?

**tonight's maslow collage homework brought to you by Martha.....good discussions had by all.....***


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

No. My needs are not being met. OY! Isn't that cheerful? (lol)

Gilly said...


And no, my needs are not being met. Join the club, Old lady of the Hills!!

Awareness said...

i wonder if anyone's needs are being met or if life is just a big long climb???
or maybe it's all just overrated....this needs thing? Oprah keeps harping on them though.....geesh she can be annoying. :)

Nikita said...

That's so funny, I have just done my Maslow homework.

Scarlet said...

Wants and needs ....
2 totally foreign concepts, yet so closely intertwined.

My NEEDS are`being met .. food, shelter, clothing, employment, health, LOVE.
But that's what I need.

Everything else is a want.

Mark said...

I would say from Maslow's pyramid of hierarchy that my basic needs are met and that I have self actualized many times and continue to do so.

Awareness said...

Niki....It was interesting to talk to my daughter about Maslow...her first foray into his theory. Its one I use in my counselling sessions often, most of the time to visibly show someone how much of the energy and time needs to be expended in covering their basic needs. too....except I would also add moments of self actualization. I need that too.

Mark...i believe those moments are golden. it feels so good.