Saturday, April 04, 2009


Travelling light works best with a friend.
Carrying the load
Singing a tune
Speaking inspirations
Tossing snowballs
Standing in awe
Wandering in wonder
Sharing secrets
Exploring the mystery
Expressing reflections
Sipping from the cup of life.....with a friend.
Travelling light....
2 sets of footprints...much better.
Let the journey be the unfolding of your prayer.
For my friend Mr. reply to your thoughts and the stunning photo you posted today.
ps. I came upon this little deer a couple of weeks ago during my work travels. I asked him where he was headed. He smiled and told me he was just waiting for his buddy and they were headed down the road to Alaska. Fancy that eh?


much2ponder said...

I like this Dana:)

Awareness said...

m2p...thanks. I took the photo sitting in my van....was driving along a backroad and there she was. the area that morning was FILLED with deer. they were walking around like pets!

paulwchambers said...

the last frontier.... will make it one day

and, well, you know - thanks for 'getting it'

Awareness said...

paul...i think its an eternal mixing of the clay thing.
near and safe....
did you know the bears are stretching their sleepy limbs and opening their eyes?....almost ready to rise again. i can hear their cry in the echos.
don't you love spring?