Sunday, April 05, 2009

redundant? never!

Unemployed, out of work....laid off.....on the dole.....but never ever ever redundant. Changes bring on toothaches that must be recognized and dealt with. Ah, but once that snaggy old tooth gets attention, sometimes what one is left with is the new smile of stretching awareness, eh? Oh, and if you're really really lucky a shining gold nugget to replace the cavity. :)

Pip, you were looking for a song about unemployment? Mr. Boss Springsteen is your man my emerald friend. This "hymn-ster" has been singin' about it for decades and look where it got him? :)

ps. Did you know redundancy is a term only used in the UK. I prefer abundancy. And abundancy is where creative compassion and love comes from. You radiate all of that and more. Love to you.

Oh, and one more thing my beautiful friend? Home is where the heart is. You and Joan are always in mine and in many others. In fact, I would hazard to guess that you two crazy cats have more homes than a whole darn neighbourhood. xx Lots of places to put that old jukebox without ever considering it for a new garden planter. :)


much2ponder said...

Love the term, "abundancy".

Selma said...

Redundancy really is such an ugly word. I have always thought it had a negative connotation. It can be the start of something new as well as the ending, so abundancy is a much more fitting term.

Love 'Atlantic City'. It is one of my all time favourite songs!!

Awareness said... of my favourite words.

Selma....learning through life's googlies and strike always an abundant thing isn't it?
I love the song too...LOVED the version on the Dublin Live CD...very different than this one. have you heard it? I couldn't get the YOutube link for it.

Brother David said...

Having experienced redundancy many years ago, I came to terms with the fact - it is the job that is redundant, not the person.

Awareness said...

David...i totally agree. Its something i've wrapped my head around especially during the last few months living and working in an environment which continues to cut jobs. Its a lesson in realizing we are never defined by what we do.... we are much more than that.