Sunday, April 12, 2009

passion through another lens....

So often it slips away unnoticed by many, but those who know its medicinal magic seek it out. Cradled in the lonely remnants of the dark night where sorrow hovers like an ancient dream too complicated to comprehend, a blushing thinness appears over the sleeping hills.

Just when you thought hope had been smothered by the lingering heaviness of standstill time when your soul is clenched to ward off despair, it winks a deep pink so enticing you can't help but be pulled into its promise. A feast for your eyes. Salve for the spirit. At the very same moment when the pink blush smiles into a broader swath of pastel tangerine and touches the darkness all around turning it into a tangled blue, a choir words, just a welcoming invitation to sit in the rising passion of dawn.

If only it could last forever, held captive by a living snapshot. But we know it would fade away into a outdated design. We would grow tired of its beauty. Besides, hope never remains still. Its very nature carries us forward in its inspiration.

We are kissed by the joy of a sunrise and rejoice in its loveliness. Its softening warmth is sweeter when we have waited on the wings with the lights down low. Let it lift you up into its arms away from despair, to show you a new day.....fresh with no mistakes.

Let your gaze be beautiful.....and know there is always a hand to hold. The sun RISES this morning and I sit in the darkness with You and notice.
Happy Easter.
Let the miracle of the day bathe you in comfort.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

BEAUTIFUL POST, my dear....And a Very Happy Easter To You & Yours!

Gilly said...

Beautiful writing. Thank you. And a Happy Easter to you.

Scarlet said...

Happy Easter to you and yours!

Awareness said...

Naomi, Gilly and Scarletina (gee that sounds like the name of a girl band!)

Hope a busy little bunny has found your homes and left you tasty surprises. I just had a quick looksee around my house and it looks like the wrascally wrabbit has visited! :)

Happy Easter

Abbey said...

Do yo write this 'Aweness"?

Do you have words, I yet think about, ponder?

I think they are beautiful, give me time

Love abz

Awareness said...

Abbey....Yes, I wrote it while sitting watching the sunrise yesterday morning. The photo I took as well. It was taken (in my barefeet!) standing on my back deck. My livingroom is all windows and faces north so we see both sunrises and sunsets. Its like having a window onto everchanging artistry. And everytime I can, I inhale their beauty as deeply as I can.
During those moments, the words find me like a prayer gift. I can settle into them. :)

Walker said...

Great post
A sunrise is beautirful way to start the day

Happy Easter

On a limb with Claudia said...

I wish I had something brilliant to comment - but my thoughts are somewhere between 'Wow' and 'I'd love to see a book of these essays.' or something like this.

Happy Easter, Dana. Bless you for all that you are and all that you do.

Awareness said... is the time of day where the muses find me it's the most peaceful....oh and when the kiddies finally go to sleep at night. i like that moment too....! Happy Easter

Claudia...thank collecting and creating and i believe it could and may happen when the time is right. Lots of ideas in my head for publications and how I would like to pull something together. the more i write and learn to turn words around the more i feel like i'm getting there.
Happy Easter to you my friend....


Brother David said...

There is so much in even the first paragraph; my emotions are pulled into the picture - whether I wanted to go or not.
Great writing; it's like you paint with words but not a picture you can see - but feel.
Many thanks and a Happy Easter.

Awareness said... write the nicest things. Its exactly what i was trying to do...thank you.