Thursday, April 09, 2009

twin peaks

when accumulative past failures conjure up
clouds of trampling tensions
and fills a pail full of sorrows
when you find yourself
in the heat of an argument
where no wins, only losses are in sight
when bitter replaces all remnants of sweet
and numbness engulfs you in a shell of a victim
when you realize you have no control of the past
no matter how abusive, neglectful, or strange it was....
the only thing left to do is
to soften in the freedom of

when the shared airspace sends signals
punching in all directions
sensuous warm currents of electricity
when mindful closeness conjures up
clouds of tempting tensions
and hypersensitivity clings
to the catching breaths of finger tips
no words, only unspoken desire is heard
when steps together spin a rhythm of the heart
and two bodies reflect one entrancing shadow
no matter when or where or why....
the only thing left to do is to reach
beyond yourself to a releasing
sweet surrender.

Interesting how we can reach the pinnacle of life's surrendering whether we are in belly of the angry beast or whether we are floating in a climactic feast. Who knew?


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I think I prefer the floating in a climatic feast, yet seem to be living in the angry belly of the beast :(

Gypsy said...

Superb Dana...absolutely superb.

Theresa aka Ann Garci said...

Beautiful and so so true. I believe that True surrender is the very essence of freedom.

Awareness said...

Layla... i think we all do...and yearn for more of the positive kind of surrendering. Ah, but maybe too much of a good thing takes away from the feelings of joy it brings?
Then again....I think I'd be willing to take that risk.

Gypsy...thank you.
ps. wish you'd start blogging again. I miss your wonderful posts....and YOU too.

Theresa...I believe that too, and am thinking this morning that any form of surrender occurs when we reach the peak of vulnerability and helplessness...that there is no other place to go but to a place of surrendering. Its a true leap of fate and faith.