Friday, April 03, 2009

time suspended

suspended between the blue shaded darkness
where light awaits on the threshold of time
liminal time
open ambiguity of the unknown
under the clock stars of night
straddled illusions resting in sleeping dreams
where reality of daylight awaits on the platform
behind the horizon
to take centre stage
in a fire of colour bursting up into the sky

Between now and then
meditative silence surrounds whispered hopes
streams of relaxing thoughts stir slowly
culminating in breath focused anticipation
birthing transition
liminal thresholding
blood and sweat pushing
of new life

fear and excitement collide
through the barrier of dreams
where blue shades fade into the light of a new day.
now becomes then.......becomes now.

and it begins with a healthy cry
and it begins with a relief sounding sigh
and it begins with a heart melting high.

new life craddled in dreams.

I heard the birds singing this morning before daylight. Its a welcoming i have been yearning to hear again. To know they have returned to this place where sleeping willows stood naked in the pale winter light brings me a river of hope. It is life unfolding anew.

Today, I awake as well with thoughts on a newborn. She's three weeks old. I met her only a week ago. She was all wrapped up in pink fleece, with her beautiful perfect tiny face and alert eyes staring up at the world from her car seat. She melted my heart. Today, her mother is struggling for her life after a debilitating stroke on Wednesday. My thoughts and prayers are for you Lacey. May you soon cradle your baby again. Get well dear Mom. We are all pulling for you.


bobbie said...

So beautiful - both words and photo.

Gilly said...

Beautifu words, beautiful picture. But such a sadness about Lacey and her newborn baby. My prayers are with them both.

Susan said...

Lacey, Baby Rylee, and I thank you for your beautiful words, thoughts, and prayers

much2ponder said...

Beautiful thoughts and I love the picture Dana. I am keeping Lacey and her little one in my thought and prayers as well today. Some things in life just do not make sense. Lord we ask your will to be done in this woman's life and that nothing would stop the plan you have for her and for the life of her child. In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

kenju said...

How sad! I hope she can get better.

Awareness said...

Bobbie...thank you.

Gilly...your thoughts and prayers were read here by Susan, Lacey's momma. :) so glad you were able to read this. Stay well my friend and love to you and the girls. x thank you for the update. i'm glad Lacey's coming around. keep in touch and let Mary and I know if you need anything.

m2p...beautiful prayer. will most definately pass it on.

Judy...senseless, but hopeful on this end. :)

Brother David said...

Now becomes then .... becomes now; love that bit. A lot like the photo, layers of light n dark, night n day, now and then. :)

Awareness said...

david....its an interesting time of day to be living in....the transition between then and now. In fact, i'm there as I write this. The birds have just started to sing to usher me through it. I love the word liminal.