Thursday, April 30, 2009

playing for his supper

In between the sighing notes
hanging in the cool autumn air
are the colours of longing
in lonely blues.
Breath upon breath
he plays for his supper,
a musical melody
a lamenting need.
If you stop to really listen,
you will find the grace
tucked into the sound of the song.
Walk out, into the sunburst street
Sing your heart out,
sing my heart out
I’ve found grace inside a sound
I found grace, it’s all that I found
And I can breathe
Breathe now
(U2 Breathe)
Thank you Pip for sharing theses lovely lyrics with me. I'll meet you out on the sunburst street. I'll be the one hailing a cab, breathing and looking for you. :)
This week's Photo theme at Carmi's place is musical. Play on!


g said...

great photo!

Awareness said...

thanks g. I had posted it before, but when i read Carmi's theme, I wanted to post it again rather than a musical instrument.

Shey said...

Your poem nicely represents the photograph. Fantastic entry to Carmi's theme.


Mark said...

Very good! Thanks for sharing.

Pamela said...

an encore! very nice

Scarlet said...

Amazing Lady ... absolutely amazing! :D

amanda guthrie said...

Wow what a great capture you got here, I really like this1