Wednesday, April 22, 2009

'round innocence

her round chubby little cheeks,
deep brown eyes turned down in concentrationat the shiny round rocks that barely fit
in her round dimpled hand.

as she sits quietly on the rug,
with her chubby little round legs

and beautifully adorned feet and toes
spread out to balance her toddler body,
while the crazy lady with her round pointed lens
lays on her own round belly taking photos.
(fortunately no shots of the lady's body parts.)

Carmi's theme this week is "Round"......for more pics, drop by Written Inc.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Sweet, my dear....Very Very Sweet. I wouldn't mind seeing the round belly of the person with 'the lens'....I have a very round belly myself! (lol)

Shey said...

So adorable! Makes me want to squeeze her cheeks, gently of course.


Awareness said...

naomi....isn't she a cutey patootey? I met her at my sister's house one evening in March. what a happy baby!

shey...she does have squeezable parts doesnt she?

Carmi said...

Moments like this are as timeless as they are treasured. She'll no doubt grow and lose the sweet roundness that defines these earliest days of her life. But she'll always have these to look back on, thanks to you.

I'm struck by how this entry sits like an oasis of calm amid the much more stark challenges of life on either side. Of all the people I know who can maintain perspective through it all, you rank way up there.

Pamela said...

chubby is soooooo cute in babies.
(so NOT cute on me)

I want to blow kisses on her neck, and nibble kisses on those little fat fingers.


janie said...

What a darling, she's just a bundle of roundiness perfect for hugging:)

Amanda Guthrie said...

Children are wonderful when they are round and around. Then they grow older stretch their wings and are no longer around (sob my oldest is graduating high school in June). Treasure every moment!

daringtowrite said...

Adorable subject! Great shots!

Sweetly said...

Wonderful! So sweet. Baby roundness is the best!