Monday, April 06, 2009


Awe is not as intangibly distant as we think. It doesn't have to be an earth stirring experience where the memory is etched onto lifetime pages in scrapbooks. Rather, awe is found in small daily meditations. Life changing on its own? Maybe not. But, if we continue to live with our 5 senses and our hearts wide open to the wonder of the movement and feelings around us and in us, these minute reflections pull you to joyful affirmation. Small affirmations accumulated evolve into life changes.
As we stood, glass of wine in hand, beside a bonfire where the maple sap was boiling and looked up at the ever changing sky, my friend Heather and I whispered to one another....."arent we blessed to be living in such a beautiful place?" Given that both of us usually have big enthusiastic voices and are easily excitable when conversing, the very fact that the sky and the landscape moved us to a whisper.....we knew without verbalizing it that we had been experienced a cleansing moment when awe came to visit.
In unspoken reverence, we stepped out of real time and enjoyed the show....knowing we will never ever take beauty for granted. you see the heart in the top photo?


pinkrelish said...

thank you for the inspiration! I love the sky pictures you have chosen here

Scarlet said...

"Rather, awe is found in small daily meditations."

Truer words my wise friend .... truer words.

Finding your bliss, recognizing the awe ... it surrounds us in so many ways. If we only stop for a minute.

Lovely ....

Gilly said...

What an inspirational post! And what wonderful skies! Are they yours, I mean, do you get skies like that where you live?? If so, I'm coming over with my camera ;)

Seriously, do we take beauty for granted? Or do we just not see it?

Awareness said...

pinkrelish...awe is such a little word, but packs a punch doesn't it?

Scarletina....sometimes it only takes a minute...other times? Lets hope it last a little longer than that. ;)

Gilly...thank you. Yes, these are the skies where I live...everchanging and stunning (well not today...they are grey April rainy skies!) I took the photos as I stood there with my friend Heather. This is what we were looking at. I boosted the contrast a bit in them. The dark pink in reality was a little lighter than that, but still stunning.
Yes, do bring your camera. You are always welcome to join me. :)

Kate's Typewriter said...

lovely!! i think we really do need constant reminders to slow down, revel in the beauty of life, appreciate what we have... i tell myself that constantly and still find myself in these ruts where i haven't looked out the window in days... this was lovely, thank you!!

Walker said...

The power of the simple things that we take for granted is awe inspiring when you sit down long enough to enjoy it

Blasé said...

I used to be in "awe" when I looked in the mirror. But, since my mid-life crisis has taken over...I find myself looking elsewhere to find some of that "awe".