Saturday, April 18, 2009

happy glowing faces

From a tiny seed planted in the spring, they begin their ascent from the soil. Gathering strength in their numbers, they continue to rise....their stems become stalks.....their potential unlimited. With the support of their environment, they thrive. It makes me wonder if their ultimate goal is to touch the tip of the sky? As they absorb the best of the summer sun, we wait in anticipation for the grand display of their happy glowing faces to delight our gardens. Have you ever noticed how they seem to point their faces towards the warm rays like they are anticipating a kiss?

Sunflowers offer us a glimpse of our own cycle of life.
Seeds are sown, seeds are grown.....
Through our nuturing of one another and absorbing the best of the summer sun, we also have the potential to reach up to touch the tip of the sky....receiving kisses along the way.

I took these photos last summer in my friend Jen's garden. Her home is one of my favourite places to take pictures because there is a feeling of smiling creative energy in the air and it just seeps under my skin. Jen always lets me wander around her property, usually with 3 or 4 dogs in tow and a few hens keeping an eye on us. I think she knows how much it helps me alleviate any built up stress and tension of the work week..... My wanderings allow me to take in deep breaths of fresh air and to let out the weary ones.

This weeks theme at Carmi's place is "floral..." Thank you Carmi. It was great to revisit last summer. It filled me with the anticipation of all that is good of our short summer months, and revved up my desire to get back out in the garden again.


Anonymous said...

seems flowers are the dish of the day...... beautiful

Awareness said... can express what we humans can't sometimes. I bought myself a big bouquet of tulips yesterday. they are sitting in front of me...their closed petals just about to open up to reveal their inner beauty. i wonder if it is a vulnerable transition for them? :)

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

who just gave a breath of fresh air?

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful sunflowers. There is something so joyous about a sunflower. Whenever I see one I smile!

On a limb with Claudia said...

I so love sunflowers. They are on the covers of all the Fey series books.

These are particularly gorgeous photos! Well done!