Friday, April 10, 2009

true meaning of passion......

Was He afraid?
How did He bear the pain?
What went through His mind?
What went through the minds of the people who stood there watching His suffering and ultimate death?
How were they feeling when He drew his last breath?

Hanging on the cross
Head down
Thorns piercing
Vulnerable beyond words
Surrendering beyond love
Tears flow as we pause in reflection
As we wonder about the true meaning of passion.
We are weak, He is strong.....


Anonymous said...

I'm Not On An Ego Trip I'm Nothing On My Own I Made Mistakes I Often Slip
just Common Flesh And Bones
but I'll Prove Someday Just Why I Say
I'm Of A Special Kind
for When He Was On The Cross
I Was On His Mind.

the Look Of Love Was On His Face
thrones Were On His Head
the Blood Was On His Scarlet Robe
stained A Crimson Red
though His Eyes Were On The Crowd That Day
he Looked Ahead In Time
for When He Was On The Cross
I Was On His Mind.

he Knew Me, Yet He Loved Me
he Whose Glory Makes The Heavens Shine
so Unworthy Of Such Mercy
yet When He Was On The Cross
I Was On His Mind.

I find the words to this song humbling and yet awesome, to think he loved us that much that he would go of his own free will to pay such a price for someone such as me.

Happy Easter my dear friend


kenju said...

It was his destiny, but that didn't mean it wasn't painful.

kenju said...

Oops....I meant His...

Awareness said...

Mavis...I've never heard this song before. Thank you for writing it out here and sharing it. Do you really think he was thinking about us? I just can't imagine thinking about anything except the pain.
But, if in fact he did die of his own free will, then perhaps he did offer up his life for all of us.

Judy...Perhaps he knew this and that's why he was able to endure it? I wonder if he was aware that he was going to rise again or if was a big surprise for him too.

Wouldn't you love to be able to talk to Him? I have many questions.

Anonymous said...

i think he was terrified - and it means nothing if he wasn't - him being afraid is the very thing that gives me strength

Gilly said...

Acute agony is never less easy to bear because you know its your destiny or its for your own good (eg medical procedures) I am sure Jesus was frightened, longing for it to end, and alm,ost incapable of thinking straight. Though he did manage to say things between gasps.

And not for him, but for us.

Awareness said...

paul...i think i know, but i'm unsure. Why does that thought give you strength?

gilly....i find Good Friday makes me feel so deeply uneasy because of the violence and evilness. I just don't know how anyone could torture someone like that and then watch them die such a painful death.

Rainbow dreams said...

I think he must have been terrified. What he endured was the worst it could possibly ever be, nothing worse could ever be asked of anyone and I think he felt all the feelings any human would.

Good Friday always makes me think deeply, and am always shocked to contemplate it, humbled.

Scarlet said...

I understand Paul.
I believe he was terrified, and it too gives me comfort.
It reminds me that he was in fact, human.
Even with the promise of eternal life before him, there had to be fear. If for no other reason, for the manner in which he died.
It was quite brutal.