Friday, June 02, 2006

A Week in Review

I'm packed and ready to head home first thing tomorrow morning..........excited to see my family after more than a week on my own. I've had a wonderful time, and am grateful for the chance to reconnect with so many important people from my past. But, I feel a bit like a vagabond and need to be surrounded by the most important people in my life in my own home. Yes, it's nice to visit the past, but it's more life affirming to live in the present.
The week provided me with so many opportunities to find my personal footing again, while reestablishing friendships. I also leave with new amazing memories...........conversations, events, happenings, pictures and stories that have fed me. Apart from my reunion weekend, my two days spent in Toronto during a wicked heat wave, was definately a highlight. I had lunch with a friend whom I havent seen in over 25 years............someone I really thought I'd never see again. And yet, there we were sitting across from one another in a restaurant talking and sharing as fast as we could............asking each other pointed questions, knowing that time was of the essence, and feeling like we needed to pinch each other over the fact that we took a big leap, hoping that the friendship was still there. It was, and it will be.
I also had a chance to stay with my old roomie. Over copious amounts of wine, we seemed to start off where we had left off..........talking a blue streak, sharing our ideas in our similar career field, catching up and laughing a whole lot. What was the most amazing was that we are both on the same transitional path........though with different branches, she going off to Cuba for research and sabbatical of sorts, me heading down a writing path............we're both feeling positive, excited and energized again.
Toronto is still the city that I love; a little worse for wear, I'm afraid, but still friendly and inviting. I traipsed through the downtown core all on my own, taking in the sights and the diversity of people. What I did find was that the place is dirtier. Queen Street, a section that I used to love spending time in has been left to age. Though it's just a block away from City Hall, it seems to be forgotten and that's sad. It leaves me wondering if yet again the politicians have screwed up again, focusing on the wrong issues (bizarre smoking by-laws) instead of that infrastructure and ongoing beautification of a well frequented touristy area. I never remember the garbage and's there now, and it's very visible.
I also leave with plans to write a novel with a new kindred. This had started with sharing ideas and emails over the past winter and finally I had a chance to meet Nick, my writing buddy at the Camp reunion. Yesterday, we spent the afternoon mapping out a gameplan, and discussing character development. Who knows if we'll be able to pull it off. I hope so. It's uncanny how much he and I have been able to zero in on the same plot, and theme. We write similarly, and we have the same passion for the topic. It's a darn good start.
Despite all the wonderful experiences, I know that where I belong is in New Brunswick, with view of my Saint John River, happily enjoying a glass of wine with my husband on our back deck watching the sunset. That's what I"ll be doing tomorrow............... I can't wait.

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