Thursday, September 30, 2010


St. Andrews, New Brunswick
August, 2010

Worn and well past their original purpose, these tide drifters have a new function.  Their storied eloquence have been gathered to create an eye catching sculpture.  

Parallel drifters and floating markers, 
weathered grey pallor aside worn rouge
nestled together in testimony.
Crooked lines settled with elderly ease 
gifts from the tides
queued in comfort 
as the grass grows between their pose.

This week's Photography theme is parallel.  My parallel is always a bit rough and crooked.  I like it that way.  For more takes on the theme, go visit my friend Carmi at Written Inc.  He lives here......

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

beach glass

So, here I am, sitting at my dining room table in front of my computer.  I have a group of candles burning beside me as the only source of light.  Flickering light. Flickering thoughts as I reflect on blogging. I can't believe I have been writing here in my own little corner of the blog world for 5 whole years.  Who knew I was so yappy? 60 months, 1825 days, and 1458 posts!

5 years later?  Older. Wiser? hmmmm.......... That's debatable.  Have I learned anything? Yes.  Have I changed?  Oh yes, big shifts.  Have I matured?  No.  Have I acquired a few more pock marks, bruises and beauty marks?  Oh my God have I!  Do I still see the world through the lens of the absurd?  You bet.  Has my world expanded?  To infinity and beyond....... collecting blessings and life long friendships as I have ventured. Beautiful blessings that reach out to all corners of this global village we live, work and play in. 

Awareness.  It's a far reaching theme umbrella to write under.  It suits me perfectly because it has allowed me to practise my writing, to experiment with wordplay, to reflect on new learning, obervations, to share stories, to make up rhymes, to broaden and to dissect. Most importantly, it has provided me a forum for personal growth, spiritually, emotionally, cognitively while hopefully offering up my own learning to add to your own learning through stories, poetry, opinion, essays, photography.

I'm struck with the range of topics I've attempted to tackle.  To me, each post seems like a piece of beach glass that I either stumbled upon, or had carefully chosen to display.  Some have been rounded and softened by the rolling waves, some still have pointy angles to them.  Those ones hurt a bit when you close your hand around them.  Shards of glass, all uniquely shaped.  Some clear like the sheets of a window, while others opague with a layer of white chalk on them.  The ones which are the most pleasing to my eye come in light catching greens and rare cobalt blue or porcelain white.

Beach glass doesn't come from nowhere..... they all have an unknown history much larger and grander than the remnant left on the shoreline.  What you see when you pick it up to explore its texture, shape and colour is merely the tip of its story.  Just like the writing I do on this blog.  So much of  what I write is the mere tip of my life's observations.  But just like the beach glass, it is what ends up on the shore of my's what gleams in my thoughts that I end up capturing.   

I look at what I've written and see it as individual pieces.  Then, I stand back to look at the body of work as a whole and I see the mosaic patchwork created.  Under the theme of Awareness, this elemental montage forms a rough worn window on my soul.  If my soul is a cabin in the woods down by the water, this is one of the windows where the light gets in.  Peak through the collage of beach glass and you will see a part of who I am. Not all of me.  

This blog is a slice of my story.  It captures reflected observations, feelings and opinions.  There is so much more I either choose not to share, havent discovered or written about yet.  That's the thing about awareness.  Not only is is a broad theme..... it is an infinite one as vast as the oceans where beach glass is tumbled and molded. 

Miles to go before I sleep.

My blog is a work in progress.  My mosaic window is incomplete.  Just like me............ there is more to learn.  There is more to explore.  There is more to reflect upon.  I am a work in progress.  Just like you!  A human becoming.....

5 years and counting........... I love this place and it warms me right down to my painted toenails that you seem to enjoy it too.  :)

painting by Valerie Leri

Sunday, September 26, 2010

life's reality

Pour yourself a glass of complications, 
life never comes with ease.  
As much as we strive for simplicity, 
it just ain't in our genes.  

You could say you want only simple things, 
I can say I want the same, 
but when it comes to human interaction, 
it never works out that way. 

Let me be touched by the simple gifts,
do not mire me in doubt.  
Don't let strings snag my spirit
when I am trying to live without. 
Crumple up your demanding neediness, 
I have no time for that. 

Then again, what's life without complications?
Its how we interact. 
Its how we interact.
It's how we interact.

Complications add the spice in life.
Its the elixir in a drink.
Its what heighens our awareness
It's what forces us to think.

Without seeming mass confusion, 
there be no need for clarity.
Pour yourself a glass of complications
Sip on life's reality. 

it lingers.........

I hear it echo from distant dreams
soft chaunting hymns beckoning me
to return to its harmonic flame.

I see it shimmer through shards of light
beyond my reach, inviting me
to gaze into its radiating eyes.

I feel it caress from bewitching disorder
tempting my heart, luring me
to risk the soultouch sense of a kiss.

I taste it from memories of feasts
wild sensuous morsels, enticing me
to graze from a buffet of love offerings

I inhale it, fragrance of warm skin
lingering in breathless air, persuading me
to transform beyond intoxicating bliss. 

Not yet, I say.
Not yet.
I'm not ready to risk that kind of love again.
Let it linger all around me.
Let me gaze and graze on my own.....
I need time to explore territories
untouched, unseen, unknown. 
I need time to clear away cobwebs and conjure up new dreams
before I step out of the woods
and into the garden where true love grows.

The word at Sunday Scribblings is LOVE.  It's been a long time since I took part in this weekly exercise.  Good to stretch the creative juices again......... for more offerings, here is the link to their blog. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

friendship bouquets

Life has a way of throwing flowers at your feet. For goodness sakes, don't stomp on them! Pay attention!  Fancy blooms and a few  buds ripening ready to open are just laying there in a heap. Untouched beauty.  With a little attention and care and some creative panache, the bouquet is yours to add a warm glow to your surroundings.  I love bouquets and I'm determined to keep my eyes wide open to see them when they land. 

Conversations that ebb and flow with ease, and the sharing is a deep shade of indigo, bright yellows, perky orange, and the intimacy of a palette of pinks can have the same impact.  Connecting with another, knowing the conversation will be one that continues on into another and another, is like having flowers thrown at your feet every single time you meet.  With a little attention, care and some creative panache a relationship will add a warm glow to your surroundings....both inside and out.  These friendships come from a garden eternally growing blooms of cut flowers to admire from afar, or to snip off in order to create a unique bouquet to beautify your visual field.  

No two bouquets are alike.  No matter how hard you try to replicate an arrangement, it is always different.  The shades of colour, the straightness of the stems, the shape, and the size all play factors in creating a unique display.  The container you place them in, the way you handle them, the light reflecting off them, and the surroundings you put them in all.........external factors play a key role in enhancing or distracting from the blooms.  But you know what else is just as or even more important?  Its what you put of yourself into the creation of the bouquet.  Just like any relationship.  

Feed them both with love and tenderness.....with appreciation and respect for their beauty.  Take care of the little nicks, rough spots and blemishes while admiring the fact that this is what promotes uniqueness, and their gifts will reflect back to you.  Gifts you never even imagined.
Blossoming friendships need attention and respect.  When they land at your feet, don't ever question why they ended up there.  Only God knows that answer and he's not going to be blabbing about it!  And for goodness sakes, take good care where you tread.  Eyes wide open..........these blossoming friendship are everywhere.  This is what makes life so beautiful.  

Today, a new bouquet landed........... I will gently arrange the colour and contrast in one of my favourite vases and let it bloom as it will.  

As it will..........

Today, life threw flowers at my feet..... This friendship bouquet is for keeps.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

learning the fall tap dance....

The other morning, I joyfully found myself in front of a group of students talking about emotional awareness.  I asked them to write down 5 words to describe how they were feeling right at that moment.  I did the exercise too.  One of the words that I used was "flurried."  I don't know if it is a real word.....more like one of those words that sounds the way it feels.

Flurried.   Kind of a combination of fury, flurry, scurry and hurried.  A bit dizzy too.  Zippy energy, but a wee beyond balanced. 

September feels that way because of all of the activities that re-enter  life's scenes.  Summer has its own meandering pace, with sunlight haziness on fields of wildness casting long shadows on shallow thoughts.  Water sprinklers to cool salt-sticky skin, dramatic thunderstorms to drench out the pall of humidity.  Summer doesn't have a flurried feeling to it.  It's blurried like an impressionist painting.  Whereas September, when the nights are sweater cool, and the daytime skies sharpen like linen blue shirt collars freshly ironed, there is a sense of getting down to business. Realism.

It takes time to relearn the tap dance steps to the routine of September, especially when you've had a summer like mine that was riddled with kapows and kerflooooies.  I never did manage to get the old lenses into full focus. Too many layers of feelings got in the way and needed to be addressed along with a healthy dose of grieving.   Good thing it was summer and everything was supposed to look smeary.  Is that a word?  I like it.............. SMEARY.  

The thing about feeling flurried is that at some point you trip over your clumpy tap shoes because you're trying too hard to keep a pace that just doesn't fit yet and you STOP.  For a breath.  Then, the realization kicks in......... in order to have that sensation shiver through your veins, it means that you're generating more energy.  It may not be firing as efficiently as it could, but that's alright.  Routines take a while to recover, and the best you can do is to relearn while re-jigging and re-jigging until you get to a place where the shoes have been worn in and the steps become more natural again.   

The other thing about feeling flurried...........?  Read as it feels, it is a multi-sensory request to remind oneself that everything gets done eventually.  No rush.  No panic.  Stretch the zip over a longer period of time.   It's all about finding balance once again. 

As I led the class in a short "visit" on emotional awareness, it gave me a chance to stop, look and listen to my own array of inner tickings while helping them peak inward as well.  Whenever you do that, it can conjure up deeper sensations because more often than not a conversation about how you feel begins at exploring the branches of a tree  but very quickly, you dig under the surface to see how broad and deep the feeling far the roots have spread.   

At first, they may seem like a flicker image........ a point and click snapshot, but feelings have roots and reasons to them that take courage and reflection time to peer beyond the snapshot and to find the words and the meaning ............ the reason WHY you feel the way you do.  New similar descriptive words, similar ones pop up from underground that coincide as well as dwell in the same place because they share the same roots.  

The more you look, the more light is shone on awareness.  This can be a frightening exercise because the messages may indicate the need to be honest about the need to make some adjustments or even some out and out changes. But what is a life if it isn't examined?  Its no life at all.  As much as our feelings can be a "wake up" call, they are also the light that leads us to a sacred place of vulnerability when you begin to wonder why you're feeling the way you do.  And it is in that holy space in our souls where growth and enlightenment begin. 

I returned to this class later in the week because I didn't feel a sense of completeness with the lesson.  I found a different class.  They had shifted.  No longer quiet and reserved, they were ready to be engaged in a conversation of sharing stories, expressing their opinions, and analyzing how our thoughts, feelings, physiology and actions are intertwined....... how much they impact one another. 

They are learning to read the signs of who they are and why they feel the way they do.  And the more we talked, the more confident I felt back up in front of a class of students leading.  They were finding their flow.  I was finding mine.   The flurriness disappeared.  A calm sense of empowerment replaced the vulnerability.  My footing is returning.  The zippy energy?  It's being channeled again.  

That focus I've been lacking in for the past 8 months?  It has returned.  Look out! My toes are tapping to the autumn beat. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Transitional Zones. Turning Fifty-licious

"All endings are beginnings.
We just don't know it at the time......"
Mitch Ablom, Five People You Meet in Heaven.

If you were to examine the connection between an ending and a beginning, you'd probably see spaces between the loose threads that bind them.  Or maybe even a gap.  Yes, maybe there's a kind of a transitional zone where the synapses don't touch. This is where I am sometimes, like everyone else on this planet.  No matter who you are, there is a bit of flux happening in your life.  Change is inevitable.  We are not static beings.  As soon as we learn something new, we are in the process of an ending and a beginning.   This past week it has been a theme of sorts as  I've spoken to many as they find their "new beginning" footing as they start taking new courses at the College.  

The thing about endings and beginnings is that you don't just have ONE of them. Our lives are a complicated somewhat messy multi-faceted set of them.  Linearity is not a human condition that is natural.  We are jugglers of many endings and beginnings.  Think about all of them that confront you on a daily basis.  How easier it would be if we were only coping with ONE ending and ONE beginning.  Crazy easy!  But, not reality.  Not only that, our lives consist of coping with them at different stages of openings and closings...... 

It reminds me of the passage in the Bible (and a well known 60's song), for everything, there is a season........ 

Seasons on the calendar may follow one another in an orderly manner.  Seasons in our lives crossover, combine, and create a mishmash cornucopia unique to every individual.  You may be in the spring of a relationship, or the autumn of one.  You may be basking in the summer of your career, or standing on the precipice of retirement...... winter......... with snow covered seeds waiting to germinate a new lifestyle.   We may have all four seasons happening all the same time with respect to different parts of our lives.  And when I consider it that way, I can see how often I find myself in the zone of transition.... not for everything at the same time.  I think I would fall apart if that was the case.  But, living the circle of life juggling the stages and the seasons while the days unfold as they always will........ 

Moving forward,
Staying still,
Letting Go
Keenly motivated
Opening and closing.........
ALL DOINGS with feelings........ 

Winter Endings blending into Spring beginnings are occuring all around us and in us.  Sometimes with ease.  Sometimes with unbalanced footing.  Whether we want them to or not.  We visit the zone between and ending and a beginning because we need to.  This is where we process the loss.  Every change, every time we let go of old stuff/knowledge/ways of doing or being/relationships/  we experience loss.  This is what is so difficult about change.  Not the change.  The loss.   There is a season for everything.   And a purpose too....... Loss is a part of life.  Loss is a part of living life.  Loss is the hurting part of resolution.

I turned 50 on Saturday.  I would be remiss if I didn't admit that it is a milestone I can't quite believe I've hit already.   I don't think my parents can either!  They don't look old enough to have a 50 year old daughter!!  :)  But, here I am!  50 for God's sakes.  A third of the way through my life!  :)   It wasn't going to be a big deal, or didn't seem like it was going to be when I thought about it.  

But, then life threw a major curveball and it became symbolically challenging.  It quickly turned into a huge hill to climb up and over.  You see, it was the first birthday in 25 years that I wouldn't be celebrating it with my husband.  He has been by my side for half of all of my birthdays.  And now, it's no more.  This is what I couldn't process.  This is the loss I was holding onto.   

To everything, there is a season and a time and purpose under Heaven..... so often it remains a mystery.  And that's alright.  We don't need all the answers.  We just want them! 

Something magical happened last Saturday.  I let go of the loss.  I put my party dress on, complete with a new pair of sparkly silver sneakers I had been saving for just this occasion!   There was a transference from an ending to a big yellow door opening onto a new beginning.  I stipstepped in my silver shoes across the threshold, beyond the gap, over the transitional zone and landed with both feet on new ground.  It could not have happened without the undying support of my friends and family.  Turning 50 all of a sudden became turning 50-licious! 

A birthday party took place in my home........the one I had envisioned!  My house filled with joy and laughter, with song and music, with wine and food and with a cake especially created by my 12 year old friend Maeve!  Everywhere I turned, I saw people of all ages interacting and having fun, including my parents who arrived to surprise me!  All the way from Ontario via Maine!  

Right at the appointed time, God seemed to push away the rainy clouds to let the sun take his twilight bow over the river horizon. AS the day turned into night, the stars lit up the sky with so many points of glimmerlights it was impossible to comprehend.  And before you knew it, the campfire was blazing the in backyard and a circle of friends gathered for warmth, song and stories.  Inside the house, the chatter and music continued to........   people flowed from to and fro.  And life for me took a giant step forward, lighter from letting go of some of the loss.  

I will treasure this milestone in my life.  It was the biggest, brightest, most brilliant gift I could ever have received.  The gift of love, friendship, and belonging to a group of people and to a place I call home.   Thank you.  Thank you.

Endings are really new beginnings?  To everything there is a season......... this one truly has a purpose and a few reasons.    I'll toast to that!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

gathered dreams.......

In the quiet of a soft whisper sigh, two become one when silence is shared comfort.  In a clearing, a step away from the woods, they stand together.  Looking up into the night sky so vibrantly alive with star memories of gathered dreams they toss their own into the mix.  

Hope and endless possibilities breathe out from their sparkle tips, spreading beyond the galaxy of wishes,  slipping into the otherworld where good spirits weave heartbeats of desire.  Without even a glance, their separate hands reach out to be held at the same time. Fingers clasp.  Warmth flows.  Belonging transfers. Love radiates in the silence of their shared comfort.  

Quietly he steps behind her and wraps his arms around her waist as she tucks into the safety of his arms.  Somehow, in this big old goofy world, they have found one another. 

Swaying sigh........


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Empathy turns Love into a verb.

For mercy has a human heart
Pity a human face
And love, the human form divine.
William Blake.

We strive to be authentic in our way of knowing, hoping it leads to a primordial fluttering of grace.

We reach out our hand to hold,
We step forward with our eyes open,
We understand with our open heart to understand.
Our capacity to love grows from seeds.
Sometimes when sorrow pounds on temples of loneliness, when fear rips open soiled hearts, when anger spits at crippled feet overused seeking solace, it takes one unleashed tiny beam of empathy to lighten big burdens. Empathy is the light shining beauty on purple welts.
Out of love grows compassion.
Out of compassion comes our ability to feel for others.

Empathy happens when your hearthreads reach out and wrap around someone else's hurt because you're curious to know what it's like to be them. It our best way of looking through someone else's lens.  Empathy is made from a merciful heart, a soft knowing smile, and the unconditional love of a curious human being.


A young boy on the verge of adolescence asks....... What does it feel like when someone wraps you up in their heartthreads?

You answer: 
a warm comforting cup of tea
a soft affirmation, like you matter
an engaging smile that pierces your heart
sharing tears
a nod of knowing 
eye contact that tells you they get it.
Its like having someone take the shawl from their shoulders to wrap you up in it like a cocoon. You can feel their heat, and smell their perfume.

Yes, but what do those things FEEL like? How does empathy make you feel?

Loved. Empathy makes you feel loved.

But how does love feel?

Like a a goodnight kiss when I tuck you in.
Like the feeling you have when you are surrounded by your best friends.
Like the joy of a free fall on a day when the sky is a September blue......into the arms of God.

oh. I always thought it felt like having a sleeping puppy on your lap.

you got it.........

ps.  Let your heartthreads wrap around someone in need today.  AND, let someone wrap theirs around YOU.   :)

Monday, September 06, 2010

I am all over again........ or.... stuff I learned at Sunday school.

Everyone else is taken you know.  What is left is to become who you are.  No one else is YOU.  You can be YOU!  Go for it!

Did you know that God's real name is "I Am Who I Am?"  He's the original "I Am."  
Not Sam who likes green eggs and ham. He's the original Sam I Am. 
Not Popeye the Sailorman ..... He's the original "I yam's what I yams...."  
Not that Joe guy who rants about being "I AM CANADIAN...."   
I bet the Old Spice Guy thinks he's the one........ but oh, No! 

God's the original, authentic "I AM" I didn't know that.  I missed that lesson......... good to be catching up!

When you stand in front of the mirror, who do you see?  Do you really take a good look, or like me most of the time, do you let your eyes get that blurry gaze over while you fix your hair or brush your teeth, or put your make up on, pluck errant hairs, check for spinach in your teeth........ do you ever get the courage to truly look at the image of yourself with a non-critical loving eye and say........ "I am who I am."  Usually when I get the courage to have a good look, I end up flummoxed over the fact that this face of mine has altered over the years.  Same spark in the eye, except the skin on the lids have expanded in the most peculiar way.....!  And I lose my way to seeing me as I am.  Or accepting it fully.

The gift we have been given by God is to become ourselves .... Our job is learn this.  Our way of living faith is to BE who we are.  Everyone else is taken.   But, what if I am who I am and you don't like who I am?  What then?  I have nothing left to give.  The dwelling of discarded beings.  I hate visiting there.

God is the authentic  "I Am That I Am."   He told Moses that through a very frightening burning bush episode after Moses asked God what he should say to be believed when he went into town to try to save the Israelites  all those years ago.  Moses was afraid (and rightly so... who wouldn't be??) he wouldn't be able to carry out this enormous task without some backup insurance from God. 

It's all we have.  It's all that matters.  Who we are.  Who we are becoming.  Stripped down bare, with no material goodies around us.........with no uniform or favourite jewelry.  With no gold gilted ornaments.  Take away the roles, the responsibilities, the never ending "TO DO" list.  Empty the contents of your briefcase, purse, backpack, wheelie luggage......... dump it out!  With  no stuff.  Take away the stuff and the fluff we nest in, what we have is "Who we Are...."

So how do we learn the lessons of who we are at this given moment in our lives?  How do we struggle against the tide of others who want to reform you into something they want you to be?  What if you're constantly in situations where who you are just doesn't fit into the grander scheme of things made up by people who are fearful of allowing themselves to shine from their own light?  

Of course we have to adapt.  In order to function, fit, be accepted, we must bend a bit all the while being cognizant of the fact that OTHERS are doing the best they can being WHO they are.  We are a community of humans whose lives blend and weave together, whose lives clash in colour, whose personalities poke holes in the fabric of another.  AH!  But we are a community of potential too..... the learning of who we are happens most frequently through the interactions with others.  They are our daily mirrors. 

Interestingly, we learn more about who we are when we are facing our own "burning bushes."   Now what beautiful human becoming in my life said............ "Growth does not reside in a place called Comfortable????"   Ah, yes!   THIS HUMAN!  
We learn about ourselves and "who we are" in the middle of diversity.
That's when we are the most stripped down bare.

Luckily  (i'm being optimistic) we are given these fire breathing moments frequently that alter our awareness, our life paths, our existance.  Its how we interpret, respond, reflect and learn from them that sears away the fancy dress and decorations and drops us in a place of vulnerable existentialism.

I am who I am....
Not Sam I am
Not Pam I am
Not Will.I.Am.
Not Joe I Am.
Not PipWisdom I am...
Not Anyone else I am
Not Popeye the Sailorman I yam.....
Just ME I am.  

I am me......... created in His image, learning how to share the gifts I have been given through the firey events I have been privy to.   And you are you.    Pretty humbling stuff.  You know, I'm thinking we better continue on this faith journey of discovery because the original I AM wants his image shining bright.  :)

Friday, September 03, 2010

pink clouds.......

Friday night reflections are in order....... the wine is poured.  Five words to describe where I am and how I am right now?  For you my emerald friend Pip.


I keep returning to the music that has brought me comfort as I sit outside catching the coolish breath of the evening breezes.  I have spent a great deal of summer time sitting exactly where I am tonight.... on my back deck, alone inhaling the essence of spiritual peace.  I feel a sense of connective oneness with my view, my surroundings, my home.  It is a place where I feel safe to reflect....... to be myself with my hair down, my feet up, and my mind open to whatever happens to filter through the complications.  I don't usually write out here.  If there isn't someone here enjoying the peace of the evening, I usually sit quietly absorbing the music that touches a tenderspot....the sweet spot of my soul.  I keep returning to that music.  It seems to blend into me..........with ease..........

I am blessed.... so lucky to be where I am, to be who I am, to live the life I do.  I am blessed to be cared for and loved unconditionally.  I am blessed in having many in my life whom I can love. God seems close by tonight.  I feel His presence.

Tonight, the clouds have rolled in.  There will be no star gazing. The moon is taking a break.  Surprisingly, the last vestiges of the sun peaked through the clouds revealing a pink glow like cotton candy.  The view brought me to this place of peace.......... to a place where I can honestly list those five words with a smile and a quieted heart. 

Despite the calmness all around me, as well as inside me, there is an electric anticipation of what is about to take place.  Earl is hovering off the east coast ready to smackdown somewhere close by.  Whether it will touch Fredericton is debatable.  Chances are, it will hit the coast of Nova Scotia.  We'll receive some wind and rain...... enough to hopefully drench my woeful looking parched garden which I'm sorry to say I have neglected this summer.  Cooler air will prevail again too.  I'm looking forward to the change.  The heat and humidity has been oppressive all week long. 

Satisfaction reigns too.  After a couple of months of much needed wandering, September has arrived bringing with it a newness in thinking, feeling and doing.  I love this time of year.  The whole week has been jampacked filled with introductions, new connections, and greeting students who are just about to embark on something pretty darn important to them personally.  They have made huge decisions to further their education and have chosen the College as their route.  Lots of nervous energy in the middle of this heat wave and I am right in the middle of it.  And I have a bird's eye view.   

Just like I do tonight.............oh.........!  a few stars have peaked through........ It is a comfort-full evening after a busy wonderful week of doing the stuff I love to do best.... It feels damn good to reflect on so many new connections.   Let the music play on.........

eye candy

tempered blues wandsweeps 
candy coated creams
on canvas simmering in heat rising
from warm stretched limbs
aching to be touched.

colours awash in velvet sighs
surrender to daylight
slipping through cotton shifts
drifting in whisper breezes 
desired breaths in blossom slippers
a blended blur of feminine pinks
absorbs  the naked awe of attraction

.... A sensory feast in a haze of desire envelopes the wandering mind and places it on the threshold of a sanctuary where love resides. Twilight captivates with its alluring sashay into the secrets of the night........