Wednesday, June 07, 2006

On Being Passionate

The other day, a friend described me as being passionate. Since then, the label and the word has stuck in my craw. I can't recall anyone ever using that word to describe me. Passionate. It initially conjured up a vision of this curvaceously steamy sex kitten ready to pounce on an unsuspecting victim in the heat of the moment. Next came a mental picture of me and Fabio embracing while standing on the top of a windswept dune over looking the ocean. My first response to the label was to laugh. Me? Passionate? I suppressed the urge to do an imitation of Mae West's "Come up and see me sometime, big boy," but the idea did cross my mind.

It also reminded me of a really bad politically incorrect joke about a "passhunit" drunk "pashing" a liquor store, that I wouldn't dare put down in words for posterity..... though it still makes me laugh when I think of it.

Yeah, I've been labelled many things.............. sensitive, emotional, complicated, intense, nice, fun, crazy, opinionated, exuberant, inspiring, imaginative, over-the-top. I've been told on occasion that I have no filter; that I wear my feelings on my sleeve. But I can't recall the "P" word.

Despite the fact that my co-workers are used to my off the wall questions and my enthusiastic antics in and around the office, I hesitated to approach them to ask: "Do you think I'm passionate?" I still want to, but it just seems a bit pushy or something. It would be like Rod Stewart stating "If you think I'm sexy"...........which he isn't, and which I always thought was the worst come-on song ever. Consequently, since I havent been able to verify this new label, it has continued to ruminate in my pointy little brain and I thought it best to write about it instead. That's what happens to "passionate" people if they don't express what's on their mind. They ruminate until it has to be shared. If it isn't shared, well then their pointy little brains implode. Very messy.

Turns out, the definition has no references to steamy sex. Instead, the word "passionate" describes someone who is easily moved by strong emotion, who is not afraid to share these strong emotions. A passionate person has a curious fascination to learn; a desire to express, and is easily inspired. Oh, and they're intense too.

WELL! It looks like all the other descriptive words thrown my way fit under the passionate umbrella! Not too shabby!


Passionate responses can scare people, especially individuals who arent comfortable sharing their feelings. Oftentimes, passionate responses are spontaneous too, which also make people very very nervous.............unpredictability and intensity scare control freaks......especially those anal retentive introspective types that seem to be ruling the Human Resources field these days. Yes, in some people's tight sphincter world, there is no difference between being labelled "passionate" or being labelled "an emotionally looney nutbar." They don't want to be around them............just too darn unpredictable. Yes, the emotional continuum swings wide..........from joy to sorrow to anger to contentment.

Hmmmmmmmmm......maybe my friend was just being nice. Maybe he just didn't want to call me a wingnut to my face?

On the Other Hand......................

Passionately driven people can whip up a motivational frenzy in a snap! Because they are curious and have a strong desire to be inspired, they also have the ability to provide inspirational events/moments for others........gee even if the others aren't looking for it. Personally, I love meeting someone who shares their exuberance and who can tell it like it is. It's like a breath of fresh air.....oxygen that can inflate my own enthusiasm again. It also makes me think.

Blogging is a perfect outlet for blathering emotional nutbars, which is probably why I jumped in with both feet. Not only can I rant and rave and shout obsenities if I want (who's going to stop me?) I can also express my tender spiritual side as well......and share it with whomever happens to glance at my little site. I also can seek out others with a passionate side and read their insights and learn from their life lessons.

So, even if my friend was just being nice by telling me that I was passionate so as to not hurt my nutbar feelings...............and really I think he was being genuinely complimentary...............I am going to accept his observations and comments with pride.

Now, if you will excuse me........I'm off to practise my sex kitten poses.

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