Saturday, June 17, 2006

Batting the Old Eyelashes.......

I've been thinking lately about the people I meet
The carwash on the corner, and the hole in the street.
The way my ankles hurt with shoes on my feet
And I wonder if I'm ever gonna see tomorrow........

Father forgive us for what we must do
You forgive us, we'll forgive you
We'll forgive eachother til we both turn blue
And we'll go whistling and fishing in Heaven.

John Prine, Bruised Orange, 1978 that I have that out of my system................

I've been thinking lately about my gender; specifically about the type who have this uncanny ability to make men's eyes gloss over and not think straight. Yeah, we all have this ability during certain times and with certain men. Sure we do!! But, I'm thinkin about the lady who can make the male heart a'flutter through manipulative "Oh help me, I need won't believe what happened to me, and I need your manly help................" stuff.

They are the ones with big goals in it a hop in the sack or a longer term commitment objective.............and will wiggle and giggle, and shimmy and shine all the while pretending to listen intently to a point where the male believes that they are the only person on the planet. Sometimes, the goal isn't sex related. Sometimes it's career enhancement, or getting something else that she wants......real bad. They are smart, these gals because they quickly figure out what to say to entice the man of their desires. And once the guy is in their sights, they massage the trigger points in such a way that a hypnotic sprinking of lust dust falls gently into the male brain.

These are also the women who will physically butt in between another woman and the man of her attention, completely and conciously communicating to HER OWN GENDER war is afoot and she's got the goods to hypnotize the guy. Even if it isn't as obvious as a back posturing "talk to the butt" could be a non-chalant non-verbal facial expression (fake smile, taking with her eyes closed or fluttery her eyelids, looking at her watch, talking to you but looking over your shoulder and all around to spot the dick) that gives her away to the so-called female competition.

You know anyone like that??? I do.

I've met a few in my travels. To other women, they stick out like weeds in a garden. What's strangely interesting is that they let off this aromatic aura that most women become alert to right away. I don't know whether it's a Darwinian survivalist thing, but it's a musk that only other women seem to be able to hone in on. Actually, I think that when we were young girls learning our very complicated communication strategies that sometimes come in handy when we find ourselves in a cat fight...........we learned how to "smoke this one out" quickly. Men can't see it, smell it or interpret it properly........... I swear! It's true!!

Oh, but what happens if you express your opinion about this woman to the guy in the line of fire? You end up with a "don't be ridiculous, you're overreacting, how could you think that of this lovely woman, how catty can you be, what's wrong with you...............???" lecture. You are dismissed because it is perceived that you're the one with the big problemo. Sore loser, over emotional........................hyper sensitive...........Yeah whatever. I have met enough of this type and have discussed this issue with both men and women to know that I'm right.

But here's the key to snuffing these broads out. They ALL have one thing in common. These women never have female friends. Whether it's disinterest because other women supposedly can't give them what they want, or it's a threatening thing...........whatever it is, these women do not have the capacity to have and maintain a friendship with another woman. Trust can never happen. Therefore nourishing authentic friendships can never occur.

My motto when it comes to this bizarre foreplay? Never trust a woman who can't be friends with other women. They'll stab you in the back, and stomp all over you if you happen to be in the way of the good man that they want.

One other thing? Good luck trying to warn the male who just happens to be in the radar site...............

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Ellen said...

Just goes to show you that men and women think with different heads. The women who fall into the catagory of thinking with a mans head will end up being utterly alone somewhere down the line, because at some point men will tire of the "helpless" female act and will need more to sustain them.

It's not to say that there can't be some foreplay in there, but continued use makes the helpless woman completely useless to anyone. I'd like to think women (as a gender) have come a lot further, but see a lot more of what you pointed out. Sad sad sad.