Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!

There are rumblings and loud mumblings happening in the rural corners of this fair province. Turns out while I was away, the folks who deliver the mail on the backroads stopped doing their job, citing safety hazards and health concerns. These folks, are paid exorbitant amounts to drive around their route (often with a co-pilot in tow) during the weekday to put envelopes in mailboxes. Anything larger than a business envelope usually stays at an assigned postal centre for pick-up. And yet, they all seem to be suffering from "repetitive stress" injuries, and have experienced panic attacks from hitting one too many potholes, and have faced danger everytime they turn a corner. The job is just too darn hazardous to be believed. So, they told their union that they refused to put themselves in danger again and simply stopped delivering the mail.

No mention of this beforehand. Just before the beginning of the month when the social assistance cheques are mailed out.

Since I have returned, I have listened to this story on the local CBC. I have read articles and letters to the editor written by irate individuals, some of whom have to drive 25 km each way to pick up their mail, and I'm absolutely blown away.

Carpal tunnel syndrome from opening a mailbox and sticking a bill in it?

So, now the good people at Canada Post have begun to arrange community meetings in order to "rub noses" with the locals.....................to get their input on how the "problem" can be resolved. The meeting last night in Penniac, (pop. 100 and all showed) was heated, loud, unruly and the officials got what they deserved........... a major dressing down. Yet, they seem to be carrying on with this transparent approach to holding meetings. Tonight, another one takes place in the Rusagonis Community Hall. If they were worried about their safety out in the New Brunswick woods.......... they should be quaking in their boots for tonights interface. The lions and tigers and bears, dressed in shorts and T-shirts will be out for blood.

No one likes to be taken advantage of. No one likes to be ripped off. No one will tolerate the blatant laziness and disrespect this Crown Corporation is exhibiting. It's appalling.

If these high paid, uneducated spleeny letter carrier/drivers dont want to do the job, FIRE THEM! I personally know a bunch of people struggling to make a life on social assistance that would happily jump in a car, turn on their tunes and drive around a route delivering mail. I'm sure every single position could be filled by the end of the week.

What a load of junk mail

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