Monday, October 05, 2009

gifts and blessings....

This morning, I awoke to a wonderful visual gift ....from my emerald friend, Pip. He took my Greenbelt Festival Soulspace story and turned it into 4 expressive pieces of word art. Here are two of them ..... I will see if I can have it blown up and printed into a poster for my office.

I LOVE the internet....and the magical friendships I have made because of blogging. Surprised by joy and full of smiles I was this morning..... Below is my favourite photo of my emerald friend.... (a GEM through and through), which we had to plan and secretly SNAP while sitting in a poshish beautiful restaurant in Londontown last year. We had been told that in no uncertain terms were we allowed to take photos. Well, that stirred up the devilishness in the both of us..... after sharing the most delicious tea .... peppermint .... and delving into some good level 5 conversations, I got my camera ready......... and CLICK. :) I keep a copy of it posted above my computer at work and smile everytime I look up.

Pip, I want this on the back of your next publication. xx

The two beautiful pilgrims below, Joan and Pip...... we were on our way to Canterbury Cathedral, but of course had to stop for a cuppa and some sweets to tide us over. LOOK at what happens when Mr. Pip Wilson has a few sweets.... Joyful JUMPING Jacks along Pilgrim's Way.

Loveitloveitloveit.... Thank you bhp Pip... I am blessed to have you and Joan in my life. Happy Anniversary to you both.


Marja said...

Oh Dana that is really special and looks wonderful too. Pip looks like a relaxed and joyful man Hope your friendship will last forever

Anonymous said...


That is too cool. Good friends are a treasure are they not.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Sweet Sweet Pictures and even Sweeter Friends! I love what he did with your words....Forty or more years aho I was doing a lot of Collage and in some ways these two renderings remind me of my work, though I used a lot of pictures, too....
As you sdid my dear, The Internet is WONDERFUL & AMAZING! And the friendships can be transformative, too!

JP/deb said...

Isn't it amazing how we connect with wonderful people through this medium!! Love the pics & Pip's gift to you.


Awareness said...

Marja...relaxed and joyful and forever learning.... The friendship between the two of us is very unique and very special to me.

Mavis... A treasure indeed.... which is why I refer to Pip as my emerald friend.

Naomi....Really transformative in ways I had no clue of knowing about.
I would love to see some of your collages. I have a friend who designs them. Hers are very intriguing.

Deb.... Like Marja and Naomi, you also know from firsthand how blogging has opened up our worlds to new and very special friendships. I'm thinking of Shaz especially. Between the four of us, we cover quite a lot of geography and yet I always just feel like a finger tap away.

Gypsy said...

What a very special gift and Pip looks just like a cute, friendly leprechaun.

PS If you read this Pip, please know that I meant this as a compliment.