Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Late afternoon yesterday, I drove towards the country roads of the Kingston Pennisula. It is a stunningly beautiful part of New Brunswick, especially at this time of year. Below a blustery stormfront, the landscape rhapsodized in a joyful harmony of colour. It seemed like such a contrast of emotions meeting on the horizon. It reminded me of a moody piece of music played by a full orchestra; one you can't help but feel deeply.

Soon, the road lost its yellow markings, and the pavement became patched and hilly. It curved to the left and then to the right, and hugged the shoreline of the Saint John River, which had widened its majestic flow. The rough waters with its silver shimmering crests looked forebodingly cold. Summer docks, abandoned once again stood silent. As did the boats moored along the banks, waiting to be lifted up on a winter hoist, to be covered in blue tarps, to be tucked in for winter. Abiding respect. That's how I felt.

Openings where barren fields, cropped only a few weeks ago of their bounty appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Old barns creaked by the heaviness of hay stacked to the rafters stood on high ground, their red rusty roofs spoke of the fatigue of days of hard labour. Flower beds in front of farm porches laden with colourful overblooms in big clay pots and hanging baskets of ivy and hardy geraniums dotted the sideroad.

I slowed down to watch an elderly man down along the shoreline, his body angled to meet the wind as he walked the empty sand beach behind his country home. I wondered what he was thinking about.... whether he was reflecting. He seemed to be in reflection. I know I was. It's that time of year.

A combination of evergreen pine, maple and birch trees lined up closer as though they were welcoming sentries on watch. Every time the wind burst forth a new gust through the narrow passages of the standing sentries, their yellow leaves detached and came showering down like handfuls of confetti. Lovely fluttering leafy butterflies. All around, the complicated splendour of autumn unveiled a resonating feeling of gratitude.

No other season encapsulates the feeling of wanting to stop life from moving so quickly as autumn does. No other season generates such a warm glow of gratitude,
for the bounty we have received,
for the harvest we are about to receive,
for the bountiful harvest others need and somehow don't receive.
May we always remember our neighbours.

This morning, the glory of autumn continues with a sunrise which lifted up in a delightful orange glow....the chosen colour of the season. Its new light reflected off the grand stay of tall trees next door, and turned the leaves into glimmering golden embers, like a fire burning way in the middle of the the air.

......a fire within a fire a burnin'
way in the middle of the air.
The little fire burned by faith
and the big fire burned by the grace of God.
Ezekiel saw a fire a burnin' way in the middle of the air.....

This afternoon, we gather with good friends to celebrate, to give thanks, to say grace together. At this time of year, grace is spoken with a timbral reverence. Humility underscores our words of praise and as we gather to hold hands.

If I could only press the pause button so I could stay here a little while longer to taste the sweet nectar of the eternal.....mmmmm, I want to linger, mmmmm, a little longer.......

Happy Thanksgiving.

ps. The last two photos were actually taken from the street I live on. Beautiful isn't it?

oh, and Mr. Chambers? I'm sorry to report that Mr. Piano man will not be joining the Thanksgiving feast today, but you both have an open invitation to break bread with us anytime ........... for the long haul.


a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

happy thanksgiving dear one!

i'm grabbing the little man, two cameras and some sandwiches and hitting the road today for my own taste of fall.



Anonymous said...

maybe one day me and joel might make it!

Marja said...

Happy thanksgiving The pictures are like paintings just like your words. Amazng colours their earthiness in contrast with the bright colours we have at the moment

kenju said...

I hope you're having a great Thanksgiving. The photos are stunning!

Anonymous said...


As usual stunning photos
Happy Happy Thanksgiving, I am thankful for many things of which you are one.


Awareness said...

Hey Irish Heather! I just got back from Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house... 19 of us. We went for a beautiful walk through the woods to another friend's house and I had my handy camera with me. Got some gorgeous shots of the sunset too. I'll post them on facebook tomorrow. Can't wait to see yours!

Paul....I know what would lure you across the pond, and I intend to invite the Boss as well.... next year. :) I'll get you here sooner or later.
You would've loved the setting today, Mr. Treeman. Beautiful climb-able limbs and stunning vistas.... trees as far as the eye can see, all in living colour. Lots of tasty drinks too. I think there was even some whiskey...

Marja. Thank you. They do look like paintings don't they. The colours are almost unreal looking. They make you shake your head in disbelief.

Judy...We had a wonderful meal. Turkey and all the trimmings.... fresh cranberries too. And the desserts were a plenty! are beautiful, you know that? I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family too. I hope our paths cross in the next little while....

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Dana. Your photos would make anyone give thanks. The colours....the colours....

Anonymous said...

to be sure to be sure to be sure - that's why irish whiskey is distilled 3 times!

Awareness said...

Thanks Selma. Today is really Thanksgiving officially, but we celebrated last night. I will post some of the photos I took. It's a stunningly beautiful area.

Paul... All good things come in 3 don't they?
I sent you a link to the photos.... hope it reached you.