Tuesday, October 27, 2009

bully, bully.

A bully is a bruised leader with a heart that bleeds weeping nails of steel. Sadly, they don't know that they are leaders because they are too busy starring in the role of raging victim, poking holes in the souls of others. Their pattern of behaviour which ranges from brutal physical attacks to sneering body language is frighteningly abusive. They lead by overblown power.

So, how do we help those bruised bullies transform into effective leaders?

Through relationship building by finding a way to past the chrome shield that protects the heart from being hurt again.

Through fostering emotional literacy and spiritual awareness.

Through effective listening and teaching how to express emotions productively and appropriately.

Through recognition and affirmation of their stories.

Through mentoring empathy, respect for others, and kindness.

By showing how to be responsible for one's actions........ to STOP and THINK before impulsively acting out from an emotionally charged place.

By developing trust, and nurturing this fragile essence in another.

well, that's a start.........................

Patterns of behaviour are very difficult to break if what you do gets you what you want..........


Hey Big Spender said...

Thanks! Where I work there is a great deal of this going on with the students. It makes us so sad and leaves us feeling so helpless!

Bear said...

I think you're right in what you say here... but Through recognition and affirmation of their stories. for me, is the one that we sometimes to forget to do.

All you need is Love... and Understanding.


Mark said...

This was very good. I love that you asked the question of how can we help this type of person. Great suggestions!