Tuesday, October 20, 2009

advice from the cat.

Seek solutions in all the predictable places and you'll never the find one with staying power. Bandage your problems rather than delve into the core of the issue, it will fester below the surface. Primitive first aid stops the bleeding temporarily.... enough that we can fool yourselves into believing the problem has gone away. We have a tendancy to slip into a game of cat and mouse against that foreboding beast, internal conflict.

Deliberate denial is the choice of weapon. The goal is the successful abduction of truth.

Want relief? Step into the intrinsic chaos of the heart. Lose yourself until the descriptive feeling words are uncovered. Restricted thoughts remain shackled to you hurting humans until they are released into the field of expression. Unfetter them....give them oxygen. Storing them only leads to a bitter fermentation like cheap wine. Unfurl to seek out the real problem. Its hidden under the surface.... go below the surface. What have you got to lose? Do you honestly want to FEEL the same way forever??

If you get stuck....? DIG like a moronic dog looking for his disgusting bone,???? Dig until your find your WILL. Take that determined perseverance for the ride. A strong will is a noble trait if it has an authentic cadence to it. It folds into itself if combined with blinding stubbornness or reckless yearnings in need of immediate fulfillment rather than meeting the problem face to face.

Why is it that you pathetic human beings use your energy to AVOID and IGNORE your burdensome overblown problems rather than use it towards solving them? Suspended in time, stretched beyond its expiry date, your problems then become so much heavier, and carry so much more of the guilt and shame sandwiched in between two pieces of stale failure bread. Unleash them dammit!

Will nurtures motivation. Will awakens hope and helps you believe that solutions can be found. It is often the only ingredient left to endure suffering. When the going gets tough, and you've just about used up your internal reserves, a gulp of this inherent booster juice may possibly be all the gumption you need to deal with the bumpy road. Almost as tasty as a saucer of milk.

Use your WILL wisely........let it lead you out of that muck you got yourself in. Don't let it befriend denial anymore. After all, denial is really just a river in Africa.

ps. Cats are really full of themselves aren't they? I'm glad they keep their verbal opinions to themselves most of the time...... though they do tend to wear their snob filled disgust about how humans keep screwing up on their fur don't they? Snarky little buggers!


Meg said...

I love this! Cats are definitely full of themselves, but they can also be very wise about choosing their battles.

Awareness said...

Meg....I agree. They are masters of this. Give me a dog anytime. You know where you stand with them.

Anonymous said...

Be true to yourself, sometimes that is scariest of all letting yourself get to know yourself.

Still playing the waiting game but trusting more than ever on the one I know I can trust.


Awareness said...

Mavis .... it can be frightening! Both the waiting and the time spent getting to know oneself. Thinking of you.

Brother David said...

Love this picture - wise old cat; sitting so high up and watching everything that moves.
Position is all important to us too.

Awareness said...

Mavis... thinking of you too.

David.... I took this photo last year and have always wanted to use it. He is my friend's cat. He was sitting on that fence behind the barn almost waiting to be photographed when I cam upon him during a walk. :)