Saturday, October 03, 2009


If I were an artist,
I'd choose pastels as my medium to create sweeping murals.
Those vibrant clay lipsticks
allow for a blurring overlapping landscape to emerge
in a coupling of colourful clarity.

Using the warm energy from my fingers
to ply its buttery substance
I'd pull their intense colours across the canvas
blending them into harmonic hues and contrasting drama.

I'd let them weep into shades of autumnal laments
staining romance onto a wanting canvas
in a textured velvety cream.....

As I apply my colours with varying fingertip pressure
I'd sense a moody tenderness,
courting sharp light with opaque tones,
capturing transience in flight.

If I were an artist, I'd choose pastels....
Strong vibrant clay lipsticks of pure pigment
to layer a dappling brilliance of lifetimes
with forgiving imagination.

yes I would.....


kenju said...

What a lovely poem. Very nice.

Awareness said...

Thank you Judy. The fall colours today were truly inspiring.

Gilly said...

Is that tree real??!!

Awareness said...

Hey Gilly.... why, YES it is! Crazy colour eh? I swear every year the autumn colours seem surreal. You'd think I'd get used to it, but it surprises me every autumn. This tree is actually one of many mature maple trees on the grounds of the Lt. Governor's property, which is not too far from where I live. They seem to change colour earlier than the trees in my neighbourhood. Many maple trees glow bright red for about a week before they let go of their leaves.....hence the red maple leaf symbol on our flag.

Gilly said...

We have some yellow maples in the park which usually go a lovely bright yellow, but this year their leaves are dropping without turning anything but a dried up brown. Don't know what's gone wrong this year.

I'd really love to see all that colour for real, it would make my spirits lift for the rest of the year!

Awareness said...

Gilly, I will take more photos for you and post them sometime this week. Depending on the type of tree, the colours range from bright yellow, orange to red. My backyard has birch maple and elm.... all in yellows and oranges (half turned). My neighbour has three mature oak trees that are glorious this time of year.....mostly orange. Hopefully the skies will turn blue again (rain today and tomorrow) and I can take some shots of the leaves against the blue sky. stay tuned!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if it is my imagination (altho friends agree with my observations) but the crimsons, red, and oranges are much more vibrant this year! What I continue to puzzle about is that some trees don't always change the same color, in that a tree that turned yellow last year might be orange this year? Who decides... hmmm. Something to ponder.
What a gift of nature and God we are given each Autumn. It is absolutely stunning ... Dana your pictures vibrant with color.

Awareness said...

Joyce, they do seem more vibrant this year, but maybe its has more to do with the lens we choose to gaze through. I had no idea that trees can change different colours, but if I think about it, maybe it has to do with acidity or ph....or maybe the amount of rain in the summer? I'd rather stick with God having some fun and needing to switch things up a bit.
The sun is peaking out though the clouds right now....late Mon. afternoon and I should get out there and take a few more pics...
I love this time of year.

Anonymous said...

Well, I thought I would "google" to research this a bit in case I have been seeing things! Apparently each species has a characteristic color for Fall(e.g. red maple - scarlet, oak - red, brown or russet); however, things like temperature and moisture greatly affect the color... perhaps what I have seen is a variation of color.
P.S. yes, I think God is just checking to see if we are paying attention :)