Friday, January 30, 2009

walking on solid air

Well, I'm going away to leave you
I'm gonna leave you in disgrace
Nothing in my favour
I got the rain in my face
I'm going home
Hey, over the hill
Over the hill
Hey, over the hill

John Martyn. His beautiful emoting music and his eclectic sound fills me with nostalgia. A smiling stranger who fought his demons every single day. May he find and rest in peace.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a sweet gentle soul he seems in this Video....I read of his passing...I honestly was not familiar with him, but would love to hear more. I wish I could understand ALL the words in this song...Alas.....I could not.
May he dearly rest in peace!

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

i was listening to npr and heard about his sad...and such a great loss.

Anonymous said...

there was one fucked up guy whose heart was so beautiful... one of the all time greats

i was so gutted yesterday when i read of his passing... solid air will be played over and over in his memory today.... somehow i just knew you liked him too!

Awareness said...

Naomi....isn't it a beautiful song? His singing is like that. He kind of slides into the melody so it is difficult to catch all the words. If you check on youtube, there are a few other songs posted....Over the Hill and Solid Air would most definately be there.

MI is sad. His music adheres to you like melancholy honey.

paul....i figured you were a fan too. the first time i heard his music was mid 80's when Jamie and I started dating. Jamie introduced me to him...he is a great fan and saw him perform in Toronto in the 80's when we were living there. when he told me last night that Martyn died, I asked him to put on the CD which I hadn''t listened to in a very long time. The songs and melodies filled the room with pictures of the past of times when it was playing before....beautiful is right....

Marja said...

It is night here I had a bad night
at work so my first thought was I am going to visit Dana. first lines I am leaving didn't go down well but luckily it wasn't bad.
I can't look at the video because my kids used up all te broadband Here you pay huge amounts for a few gigs. Not enough people in NZ
Anyway just want to say I am happy to know you (a little) and love from me

Awareness said...

Marja...hope sleep finds you and clears away the cobwebs of a bad night. I'm chuffed that you thought of me. thank you friend.....way over there on the other side of the planet. I love how blogging makes the world seem like one long street. Too bad we can't all go outside and play hide and seek together.