Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Surprised by a Daydreamer

Creativity thrives when one lends credence to one's intuition and replaces certainty with the wide eyed curiosity. Tapping into one's imagination allows one to see the world through the clarity of a prism.......acknowledging the hues of light and colour reflected in all directions and then some. Creativity is our best attempt at capturing a sacred beauty tucked in the mystery of our souls.

Tonight, I was given a surprise and I want to share it with all of YOU! There is a new blogger in town.... Her name is Daydreamer and she's my beautiful daughter. Martha's creativity is definately not a surprise. She was born with a confidence to rely on her intuitive imagination, and to see the world through her own prism of light and colour. It was evident from a very young age. Her blog, which will primarily be an avenue for her to share some of her photos and her love of music and lyrics, is a beautiful surprise! I love it and I believe you will too.

I welcome you to check out Daydreamer's photoblog for a glimpse of her captured creative gazes. And please "sign" her comment guestbook. She would love to receive some feedback. Thank you.
ps. There is a link to Martha's blog on my sidebar for future reference too.
For more surprises (this week's photo theme), check out Carmi's Written Inc. blog...a link to his blog is also on my sidebar.


Carmi said...

There's no greater joy as a parent than seeing our kids take flight. How wonderful that your daughter's inherited so much capability from you, and is now taking it all and turning it into something very much her own.

Looks like I've got a new read! A pleasant surprise, indeed.

Awareness said...

Carmi...Martha comes from a long line of creative men and women on both sides of her family tree.
When I told her yesterday that the photo theme was surprise, she told me she had one for me. :) And, then she said....I don't want to get as addicted to blogging as you Mom!
I will encourage her to take the advice I took from you Carmi and make sure she has her camera with her at all times.
You just never know eh?

me ann my camera said...

As prisms leads to explorations and delight beyond the transparency of clear glass, so do our children who are full of surprises and creativity when they share the keys to doors which they have opened themselves. Congratulations to Martha! I shall drop by and visit too.

Nikita said...

LOVE IT darling, love your daughter! xx