Friday, November 13, 2009

tangerine pink kisses

"Hey Muskie, can you encapsulate your week in one sentence?"

"Sure!  It was a week when I have been emotionally absorbed by funerals, cartwheels and human spirals.  In other words, I was captured by deep sadness, relieving gladness and challenging madness."

"That's two sentences."

"oh.  Clearly I need an editor.  Can I add a bit more?"

"Why not?  You're the one with your fingers on the keyboard...."

"True....I AM the master of this domain.   No matter how sad, glad or mad it was, the serenity I felt at the end of today while driving home along the tranquil Saint John River towards the glorious setting sun filled me with awe.  Like I was smothered in tangerine pink kisses. Thank you God.  You blow my mind.  Daily."


Marja said...

Beauty Yes among all the sadness and human struggles the beauty maintains.

Anonymous said...

You've had a hard week. Nature's and her beauty is always a heart soother.

God Bless


grace notes said...

Marja....just have to be open to it. Beauty prevails.

Mavis...Thank God we live in a place surrounded by His creative work eh?

kenju said...

What glorious photos!

TheChicGeek said...

So sorry you had a difficult week. I'm so happy that you received "tangerine pink kisses" from God to comfort you.
Sending you Love :)

awareness said...

Judy...thank you. I pulled off the side of the road (at the bottom of the hill where I live) and scampered down to the river's edge to take these. It was almost surreal. So calm and colourful... There was no one else around.

Kelly...rough and challenging, yes but not a whole lot I can do about it except surrender to it every now and then and recognize the beautiful moments of grace offered in our ordinary lives. thanks.

paulwchambers said...

tangerines remind be of my grandma.... and that's a good thing after the week I've had

Mark said...

Wonderful! You are living!

awareness said...

paul..... sounds like you were stretched and challenged by a few refreshed irritations? Maybe you were able to refresh a few for others too? me too.
Tangerines remind me of this time of year. I have a case of them in my fridge.... small orbs of sunshine they are.

Mark.... YES I AM! :) With humour intact.