Monday, November 23, 2009


when night stirs tangled secrets
my mystic smiles the blues
his soul seeps out of his knowing eyes
from the music others can't hear
and moves to the pulse of creation.

tangled sorrows wracked in parched emptiness
call out behind lonely shadows

desert wanderings leading to lost steps
frightened by illusions caught in the wind.

come, come.....join me, he entices...
Let me take you on an adventure
deep into the holy cavern of the heart.
where mysteries unravel in song and dance....
where comfort embraces vulnerable souls
where judgment holds no key
where touch heals.
touch heals.....
loving touch heals.

he wraps his arms around my sadness,
his gaze looks straight into my eyes
while I spin into the rhythm of this journey
where tears and laughter are one in the same

where love gestates 
and blossoms into the ability 
to see through that lens called beauty.

"If you fail to love, is it because you don't have enough? or - do you keep it all for yourself?"  This is the question posed by my emerald friend Pip.  Like many of his questions, both on his blog and on that oh so silly satirical place called facebook, where friends meet..... I was left pondering.  I can always count on Pip for a blink and a think.  Of course, it left me tangled up in additional questions...... like a good ponder should.  For anyone who fails to love, is it because they have never been invited to the holy bottom of the heart where beauty dwells?  Or is it because they've never been offered the map to this vulnerable island? 

Though we are all born with the ability to express our feelings, we all require guidance.  If we miss out, we are left standing off to the side of the road without a hope of finding our way.

All it takes is one human to hold out their hand to another human ........
To say out loud.....
You are a beautiful gift from God. 
The key is to help the person believe it... 
It's an unconditional thing isn't it? 

Fail to love?  Maybe temporarily. Everyone has an abundance to give. Sometimes life's stumbling grumbling messes clog the passageways with the belief that they don't deserve love, therefore they can't give it? Or maybe they've tried too many times and it was left untethered or worn out abused?  Whatever the story is behind the feeling of failure...... as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter.  When it comes to giving love, may we have the awareness to give it to the ones who feel like they don't know how to themselves......  without question.......


Brother David said...

Love the openning words, it calls to the pit of my soul and leads to a way of life; which is not one we travel alone.

awareness said...

David... thank you. I wanted to capture the engaging presence one feels when looking into the eyes of one who is knowing..... For me it would be an affirmation that I matter and that someone up above cares.
When the mystery of our lives and the fear of the unknown grabs hold of us, the only consoling that could help calm the waters would be a feeling of His presence.
I think I may have scared others off? I've had many visits on this blog since I posted it, but no comments except yours. I didn't know if I missed the mark or not. So, thank you for this. Hope you are well way over there across the pond. :)

Tori said...

and it is in the giving of love to those that don't know how to give it to themselves that one is able to feel the hand of God guiding them. Beautiful words. I am so pleased to have your thoughts to read.