Wednesday, November 04, 2009


When dreary is the order of the day, the hubris of Red boasts with a sense of daring bravado, there is no way to ignore its charisma. Red absorbs light and catapults it outward with such vibrant expression that you can't help but feel happily blushed by its its eccentricity.

This colour tantalizes the eye with a flirtatious tickling, inviting you into its heart. It's almost as if Red has the mysterious power of pulling out the blues while tapdancing troubles away with its sauciness. Like the allure of gypsy freedom, red thrills our sensibilities with daring delight.

Both exotic and common, Red is the empowering breath of life in all its mysterious elements. Paradoxically, it is also the shocking slice of a weeping wound, terrified by its own stark reflection. Either way, you just want to hang around its energy don't you?

This photo is a small section of a welcoming place called the Tiny Tea Tent where friends gathered during the Greenbelt Festival. I am left with warm memories of this wonderful little spot, where the energy of red light brought smiles to everyone I had the pleasure of meeting there. (some of whom I contintue to remain in touch with through facebook.......!)

This week's photo theme at Carmi's place is RED. I just may stick with the theme all week along. Thank you Carmi. November needs the energy of Red to counteract its gloomy presence.


TheChicGeek said...

What a wonderful theme :) Can you tell I love red???? LOL
I love what you have said about the color. I find it absolutely true!

Happiness and Hugs to You!

The House on Big Island said...

At the House on Big Island, we often enjoy a glass of "red", it's true.

What a special place red plays in our lives too!!!

I think I first learned to love red on those hot summer's days-off - on dry and dusty treks to Minden or paired with triscuits and cheap cheddar and floating in a raft of Minto Marine blue canoes down the middle of Sherbourne Lake!

Red - damn delicious in the right places!

(Hi Muskie!!) said...

great red shot.

Here is Mine

Kay said...'s november??? Crap. ;)

P.S. Red is good, but so is every color--you captivate it well though

Awareness said...

Hey Kelly... Yes, you are a RED gal! I love the challenge of trying to "humanize" a word/concept, especially when it comes to a colour. May we all have a bit of red in our lives daily.

Daisy! Wonderful picture you've put in my head! For me, it was the portage campsite that leads to the Lake past Indian Head and Diving Rock. Crab Lake? I distinctly remember a day off with Luten and gang when we drank lots of red and bar bq'd the biggest thickest steaks ever!
Love to you. !!
ps. Have you been paying attention to the Great Canadian Song quest on CBC? David Myles was NB's choice.... to penned a song about the Hopewell Rocks. I was hoping the "place" would be the Saint John River. I look forward to hearing ALL the songs from across the country.

Dennis....thanks for dropping by. I will do the same....

kay...Yeah, November is HERE!!! Red leads the way this week, but will think about trying to capture other colours the same way. cheers.

Marie Höglund said...

Lovely and I do love the chosen perspective in this shot.

Mark said...

Great photo! Yes red is a wonderful color full of energy.

Awareness said...

Marie... thank you. I snapped a few shots while I was there sipping tea. The colours were so intoxicating. can't help but make you perk up eh? :)

PastorMac's Ann said...

Terrific photo! So interesting and perfect for Carmi's Red theme without being over-to-top. Love the textures in this shot.

Jason Mayoff said...

I like this. Mine's here

Carmi said...

I love how your reds play off of the other colors in the rainbow. This is why I dread ever becoming color blind. I can't imagine not feeling that feeling of warmth when you realize how beautiful a simple palette of colors can be.

I wonder if another week of red may be in order. Hmm....

Sweetly said...

Wow this is great, Very vivid.