Sunday, November 08, 2009


Natures red carpet.

"The wound has left an imprint....labour and discipline of creativity refines our blemished seeing, and gradually an unexpected gift comes to light.....nothing is said directly in creative work; it is obliquely suggested. Perhaps creative expression is a way of telling something indirectly that we could never tell out straight...."  
John O'Donohue,
Beauty, The Invisible Embrace.

Creativity is never linear is it?  Come to think of it, neither is love. They both contain complicated riddles that act as cues to peak our curiosity, and to hook us into delving deeper into the world of human imperfection.  

Life is full of surprises.  Amazing how often we see reality through the lens of an illusion.  Amazing how often we settle into an illusion convinced its reality only to be surprised by a confession.....a truth. 

My leap of faith is wanting....... I wish sometimes it was simply a linear journey where the destination was at the end of a red carpet and the gift was sitting at the foot of an old maple.

Life is a riddle.  So is creativity.  So is love.


Bear said...

Which leads me to ask...

Which is better? A confession of truth or a truth discovered.

The first will refine the lens of illusion, whereas the second may smash it.

sherry ♥ lee said...

Life is very much full of surprises. It's what we do with those "surprises" that matters we see the world isn't always the way the world truly is. Being mindful...paying attention and I've found, seeing with my heart instead of my head -- that makes a big difference for me.

Awareness said...

Bear, personally I like a good scavenger hunt! Smash away!!

You know even in the realm of counselling, the confession of truth rarely comes out directly. It is a bit of a mining expedition and needs to be discovered through sharing.

Sherry....welcome! It is a head and heart thing that's for sure. I'm best when I don't use more of one over the other. When its early morning/middle of the night dark still and my emotions run roughshod over my thinking, I can easily flood myself with intrusive fear mongering thoughts. And that's not productive either. The key is mindfulness isn't it? I do like that word.

Gilly said...

Sometimes truth stares us in the face, but we see a distorted view of it. And won't be told any different! And sometimes, even though in our hearts that our view is distorted, we won't change it.

And just sometimes, truth is the way we see it, even if that truth is seen by others as different!

Marja said...

It is nice for a while to live in a dream or ilusion, however that makes it harder to wake up and face reality.
Beuatiful picture and yes it looks better in Xlarge The quote of John o'donnohue is great He was a very wise man

JP/deb said...

The twists, turns, sidetrips and surprises can be challenging, joyful, exciting and scary (sometimes all at once).

Sending peace & love,

urbanmonk said...

man, seems like every couple of hours your blog goes to the top of my link list with a new post. you are on fire!~!

Awareness said...

Gilly.... You are SO right! does make it harder doesn't it? The longer you live inside an illusion, the more it feels like the truth.
I do like this quote too..... yes, such a wise man.

ps.Thanks for the blog directions on the photos.'s wicked when it happens all at once.... Thank God, that doesn't happen too often.

Monk.... I've been posting like a crazy woman and not visiting my blogfriends as often as I'd like. I love it when you drop by. :) Will do the same soon.

Maggie May said...

You have such a stunningly quietly moving and poignant header.

Awareness said...

thank you Maggie May. I took the photo this time last year. It is the old train bridge which spans the Saint John River near the downtown area. It's now a walking bridge... and part of the Trans Canada trail.