Thursday, November 19, 2009

out of the blue..........

 the old craft shop, where it all began.

sometimes a smile finds me when i'm least expecting it
I may not expect it, but I always know where it has journeyed from.
It comes from you.

Out of the blue, I'm captured by a twinkling moment
when you squeezed my shoulder as you walked by
when you looked over at me from across the noisy room
when you were sitting beside me and all at once we turned our heads at the same time
like we knew it was time to really look into each others eyes

My smile arrives when I remember how my heart felt
like a shooting star in a sky so full of night magic.
it still skips a beat
when the smile from you arrives..........

sometimes a smile finds me when I'm least expecting it
but when I need it the most.
out of the blue, it comes from you.
it's like you know when to send me reassurance
that I matter.
still matter to you.

sometimes i find myself stopped in mid stride
my focus is beyond the farthest point I can see with my naked eye
to where you are
out there living
Can you feel me there with you?
out of the blue, I return a smile to you.

it's what kindred spirits do for one another.
without even thinking twice.....


Marja said...

It's almost like a love poem about a special smile Very nice

murfbrown said...

Very nice, Dana! Very nice! And yes, I think the originator of the smile knows.

awareness said...

Marja....exactly what it is. :) thank you...

murf... i think so too. it takes no time to find a smile when i think of that place and those kindreds (like you) and that wonderful sense of love and belonging.....

Gypsy said...

What lovely memories to hang on to. I'm sure the owner of that smile has very similar thoughts in those quiet moments we all have from time to time.