Saturday, March 14, 2009


Large Two Forms, Henry Moore
outside of the Art Gallery of Ontario

"Eros can pull life towards the edges and depths where death lurks. From ancient times a kinship has been acknowledged between Eros and Thanatos, the death instinct. Surfing the tides of Eros one comes to feel that the life-force joy could surge through all limitations, even death; or indeed there is such a homecoming in Eros when one succumbs to its force and abandons self in the sweet dying of complete release."
John O'Donahue, Beauty; The Invisible Embrace.

When the intoxication of two people draw them together in an act of love, where they discover the ultimate beauty of one another, where they form a union so blissfully joyful, are they also experiencing the tender weep of mourning too? When two people reach the expressive pinnacle of their vulnerable lovemaking, is it comparable to being touched by the hand of God?
Eros is alive and dwells in the sensuous pores of our being. It allows our own gaze to be beautiful. It illuminates our dreams and imagination and sets off a glow we can embrace. Perhaps what we experience when the air is steeped in the essence of "abandoning self in the sweet dying of complete release" is a sense of being connected to the souls of past the soul of the clay beneath our feet and of the harmony found in the living stones which carry our stories into eternity. on earth.


kenju said...

" it comparable to being touched by the hand of God? "

I have certainly felt that way, but not often enough....LOL

Awareness said...

judy....same here...have felt that way too and not often enough...:)

Scarlet said...

It is all these ..... and so much more.
It's how often we feel it, it's how we respond when we DO feel it.

Gilly said...

I wish.

Awareness said...

Scarlet...personally, I begin speaking another language far more primal than what would be accepted at a formal tea. that's how i respond. :)

Gilly...I wish it for you too.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

Awareness said...

Irish Heather....To quote Wesley from the Princess Bride...

AS...YOU....WISH.... :)

A'Jay said...

" it comparable to being touched by the hand of God? "

definitely something I can relate to, love/eros or the feelings evoked & intensity there of, to me is sacred and something I can only share with the person involved.

funny that, im just a private chick I guess :)

Awareness said...

A'Jay....I can't imagine it any other way.

Scarlet said...


So do I.
And no .... NOT acceptable at tea.
Maybe not even down at the docks. :)