Wednesday, March 25, 2009


She sits behind the dull vacant stare of her greying dry eyes under the matted woolen remnants of yesterdays past, unnoticed by those who are supposed to care. She's tried. My God, she tried. But no attempt to reach out to others brought any relief to her once constant aching loneliness. The ache is gone, replaced by stone. Stone lonely.... hardened cold, void of heartsoftness, void of emotion. Inanimate and unloved.

She sits below the road, away from the flow of humanity in a place where driftwood and discards stare at her in mocking abandonment. Her own breathing keeps her company, makes her realize she is not inanimate like the waste she sits amongst. Every day however her breathing becomes more shallow and more laboured as she moves another day farther away from the tender times in her life when she was loved. She remembers she was once a baby too.... a beautiful child of promise. Now if she was to look in a mirror at her cracked lips untouched by another for far too long, at her grey eyes once sparkling in green light now stripped of lifehope......she would simply wonder who the stranger was staring at her.

Disconnected, she cowers in old hunches as she searches for warmth. Ice chatters in the water's waves by the shore. The wind threatens this drab existence and howls down its mournful whistle.

Two lovers wrapped into one another appear up above, dressed in bright coloured coats and matching hats. They stop to look out at the water vista while whispering to each other in their smiling cocoon. Their eyes blinded from seeing anything but their rose coloured view, never catch sight of the old woman just below. She sees them......and catches the aura of promise in the air all around them as they continue to stroll over the bridge leaving her alone again in the wake of none.

Her vacant stare returns. She moves inside herself. The cold presses her temples as she takes her last breath. She slips away into the grey sombre light as the rest of the world carries on beyond the unheard dirge.

Brought to you by this week's photo theme, "drab." You can blame Carmi at Written Inc. if this little piece brought you down.........while I go off to pour myself a drink and try to stir up some happy thoughts. :) DRAB Carmi? Its March in Canada??? Salt in the wound man! Salt. in. the. wound!


Pamela said...

drab decorated with some dirty ice. whew!! I'm glad we're getting some green and a few spring blooms showing up here. Although it still isn't very warm

Walker said...

It's all so true and enlightening.
The shadows are full of invisable souls lost to the darkness of our hearts.

Awareness said...

Pamela...the days are warming, but its below freezing at night still. This is perfect for Maple sap running. We still have snow, dirty and unwelcome but it will melt eventually.

Walker...and who attends their funerals? I saddens me.

g said...

Wow, this is great. Does it say "Isis" on the arch of the bridge?

Awareness said... does look like it says ISIS, but i think it is the date the bridge was built. 1918

NJ said...

Wow your writing on that one is fantastic!!! And I agree although I had fun taking my drab shots...hopefully we can encourage Carmi to choose a more encouraging them next week.

janie said...

"A terrible beauty is born"
wonderful eerie photo and beautiful writing.

Awareness said...

thank you janie. :)