Wednesday, March 04, 2009

the first star i see tonight....

twilight along the trans canada
where the skies yawn pale pastels tucked above the low cloud front
where front porches smile their welcome in an amber glow
where the sweet aroma of smoke lifts in curls from old kitchen woodstoves
where pulp mills belch out smoking dragons held hostage in the bitter air
where lonely steeples stand on tiptoes above rooftops
where tracks of snow machines weave
between the snowladen evergreens and criss cross in fields of freedom

twilight along the trans canada
where silos erect and proper sit silent in their protection
where abandoned tractors sleep until spring
where the warm growthlight of greenhouses whisper hope
where the expansive sky darkens in tangled blues
where the bilingual signs announce, express, direct.... revoir.....
Grand Falls
Notre Dame du Lac
St. Louis de Ha Ha!
Riviere du Loup

up and down along the dotted lines
into valleys alive with homes under twinkling streetlights
over crests of darkened woods and farmland covered in snow
past dieseled double trailer trucks moving in tandem
inside the comfort of our vehicle filled with familiar and loved music
accompanied by the reliable north star beside us
shining bright even before evening pulls down its deep blue shade
we move westward as one.

twilight along the trans canada
where every hill announces a poetic vista
of rolling hills shorn of summer green
of snow dappled evergreens
we find ourselves tucking in to sleep
between here and there.

I would love to travel my particular portion of the Trans Canada Highway one day with someone who has never been to this enormous country, or has never experienced a major highway that isn't congested with other vehicles. In the daytime, one can see some of the most beautiful scenery. At night when you move onto part of the highway which isn't lit by the glamour of bright lights, you can see a sky FULL of stars and a smiling close you feel you are a part of them.


Luci said...
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Scarlet said...

Ooohhh ..... it sounds fantastic!
I have never traveled on the Trans Canada ... I would love to someday.

BTW/I was the deleted comment ... I made a boo boo! lol

Anil P said...

The picture is ethereal, almost dreamy.

paulwchambers said...

it's one of the things i plan to do before i die.... do i get to see mouse and bear?

Awareness said... is beautiful, though we eventually drove into the congestion around Montreal during our travels....which also has its beauty. I highly recommend a trip to the Canadian maritimes...such beauty around every corner.

Anil...thank you. the skies offer up a variety of colour and beauty's like an everchanging canvas.

paul...mouse, moose and bears...deer too. and ME!

paulwchambers said...

what a prized plonker... can't believe i wrote mouse when i meant moose. DOH!

Awareness said...

we grow 'em big here our mousies. they are worth seeing. ;)