Sunday, March 01, 2009

losing it....

a mere suggestion
one speck of a whisper
can trip us into an
awakening soaked in

a sheer glint of light
one soft touch on the temple
can move us into a
place awash in
souful exploration

a seered mention
one knowing nudge
can transcend us into a
world of imagination
where being lost
can lead to finding

may i make a mere suggestion?
perhaps we need to get lost more often.

This week's Sunday Scribblings prompt is "lost"'s a good place to be. Check out more offerings by following this link... it may be the beginning of a beautiful journey into the unknown.


Anonymous said...

your suggestion is 100% real and true.
i am for it.
nice sharing :)

take a peek into mine at

Awareness said...

Amer desi..will be over to see yours too. thanks for dropping by

Anonymous said...

I so agree and enjoyed reading this today.

floreta said...

i like your perspective that being lost is not such a bad thing!

Anonymous said...

lost enough to allow ourselves to be found.....

Anonymous said...

Getting lost is sometimes the best way to find yourself. Lovely post.

Awareness said...

Tabitha...enjoy getting lost a bit today. the adventure continues...'s rarely a bad thing. it may be frightening but in the end its always enlightening... sentiments exactly. its always best to know someone is paying attention too....if one is to go out into the wild, either take someone to hold hands with, or at least leave some breadcrumbs in your wake.
there's nothing like a little lost every once in a just never know what you'll find OR who will find you.

Gypsy...i do believe it is. getting lost on purpose has its gifts...sometimes you can even find your long lost "chord."

Lucy said...

great perception! Why do we usually associate getting lost as a bad thing?
nicely done!

Mark said...

Ah, sometimes getting lost is the best way to find home.