Friday, March 27, 2009

A dance in need of attention

I'm OK -- You're OK
It's all good................

I'm not OK -- You're OK

I'm still not OK -- You're not saying

I'm becoming OK -- You remain silent

I'm OK -- You're not OK, I guess

I'm OK, trying to reach out -- You're not sharing

I'm missing you -- I have no clue how you are

I wrack my brains wondering
what I may have done to feed your Not OK-ness

You have shut me out....Why?

I'm now not OK

I work it through and try to get on with life

Maybe you are doing the same?

I'm becoming OK again -- You are too I think.

I'm OK -- You want to talk.

I agree and try to arrange for this -- You turn away again.

I'm baffled and hurt -- You stonewall me.

We sit in silence.........separately

I'm now not OK again-- Are you? I want to know

As the sun peaks up over the river to welcome in a new day,
I wonder where this dance will lead.
I hope there's a lovely twirl in it but I'm not counting on it.
Instead, I will begin again to find myself a bucket of OK
to put over my head.

The photos were taken this morning while standing on my back deck.
Recognized as a blessing, I smile at the warm touch from God.


Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

These are wonderful shots...:) The colors are so vibrant...

Awareness said...

Thank you Bhavesh. It was there for the capture. The sunrise this morning was truly breathtaking. Hope you'll drop by again.

kenju said...

Love the photos. Sometimes I need a bucket of OK, too.

Scarlet said...

I am so sorry you have been shut out.
I hope he finds a way to let you in.
I hope you can find some peace if he doesn't.

Awareness said...

Scaletina... thanks....yeah, looks like I BLEW it again. ooops! Am looking for the peace train.... It'll all unfold as it should I guess.

Awareness said...

Judy...sorry I thought I had replied to you. I found the bucket, but the OK wasn't sitting in it, so I'm carrying it with me and filling it with questions right know the kind? The ones which seem to have been disconnected from their answers?

NJ said...

Wow that's beautiful! Your profile says New Brunswick. My husband grew up in Quispamsis and we took a trip to the Maritimes last summer. It was my first time there. I fell in love with the East Coast.

Awareness said...

NJ...Welcome! I'm an Upper Canadian by birth and a Maritimer in my heart. it was a first trip east years ago which turned my head too. You are more than welcome to join us full time down here. Lots of room!


urbanmonk said...

oh man... you are lucky!! ( the view I mean) I wasnt sure if this was serious or not, I have to admit it gave me a bit of a chuckle...but the pain of fractured relationships can be a kind of sad tragedy with a comic twist in it, cant it. If we could see ourselves with an omnipotent view, IM sure we'd laugh as much as we would weep.

Brother David said...

Words - relationships - to and fro.
Love it love it! Can see I will use this with some of our kids. They talk as they text, very brief - disjointed and you have to look for the message, sometimes I think they cover it up in case they get it wrong.

Awareness said...

Monk...I am very lucky. Our home sits up on a hill with a beautiful view of the river valley (sunrises and sunsets!) I fell in love with it the first moment we walked into the livingroom....the back wall is all windows. Its a small house with a BIG view.
As for the script? Writing it helped me find the humour in it. I actually was thinking it would be funny to write a whole bunch of them....for the few words, they sure can describe a whole lot about the foibles, and fractures found in an everchanging relationship.

David...I never thought about the text would be a great way to teach communication and the importance of knowing what to say and how to say it. I was thinking of using it in a workshop i'm doing on life writing...I wanted to start with how we express ourselves.
thanks for the idea though...:)
now, I'm pumped to write out more of these.

Independent Chick said...

Absolutely brilliant!!! All of it. Not the situation of course but how you spell it out. I could see me sitting on your end of the bench asking all the same questions, making all the same assumptions. We should find a bench with a beer and see if we can forget about this for a while.

Awareness said...

GAME ON Stacey! Where is that bench??? :)