Saturday, April 28, 2007

new wings and a prayer

Wassily Kandinsky

I'm in the market for a new pair of wings. As much as am attached to the pair I own, it seems like I have to flap them more often to reach a point of take off.

They are comfortably worn lovely wings which have developed a multi-hued sheen .....if I look closely at them I can see paper thin layers of reflections, which peeled back carefully tell my story and of the others who have added to the sheen. If you look very closely, you can see the tiny nicks and tatters where enlightenment shines, but perhaps thats also where the air filters through slowing me down, forcing me to use too much energy.

My wings are my legacy, my individual unique fingerprint fabricated from taking part in life. They started off as tiny gossamer transparent wings fed and nurtured by my parents' unconditional love, by my grandmother who taught me how to explore the nooks and crannies of our neighbourhood by seeking the backroads less travelled. My wings stretched and grew as I did. The transparency began filling in with gorgeous rainbow colours, flashes of sparkle interspersed with earthy foundations.

They started off strong, and continued to develop strength with every connection I made with the outside world. Friends, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, mentors, lovers, kindreds wove threads of strength into the character of my very own wings as I grew and they grew from childhood to adolescence to adulthood to becoming an adult.

With every life experience magical dust fell onto them.........some which weighed me down, and some which helped me to fly. They have been everywhere with me, carrying me across adventurous fields I sometimes didn't even know existed, in all kinds of weather. Miles and miles of fluttery fields captured in memories, captured in the layers and the sheen.

Wow! LOOK at them! I LOVE their colour; weathered blends of ripe open eyed living, of joy and grief and happiness and pain and wonder. Ah! the WONDER! Look at the nicks and tatters......where enlightenment meets grace. ... where the gusts between breaths harbour. Are the nicks and tatters the chapter headings of my learning?

New wings.........??? I dunno.

  • Where does one buy new wings? e-bay?
  • Should I test fly a few or should I be damn sure I know exactly what I want?
  • Do they come with training wheels?
  • Do they come with instructions?
  • What if I purchase them and find out a little while from now that my new wings and I clash? What then? Can I return them?
  • Do I really need a brand new pair of wings? How environmentally friendly is that?

I can't be tossing out a perfectly good set of wings that I have taken a lifetime to buff. Where's my head............lost in the clouds??

Perhaps it's not the wings............perhaps its the need to approach the wind currents from a different angle so that the air flows through the nicks more effectively. Perhaps my wings just need a bit of crazy glue along the edges to help direct them across new fields, and a little bit of dusting from those around me to help along the way.

That's all I need.............that and a prayer..........oh, and could I possibly have a wink from the Cosmos?

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ps. Laini, my warmest wishes and congratulations on the publication of your book. May it soar across a painted sky.


kenju said...

Hey, all those nicks are badges of honor, and evidence of vast experience! I'd keep the old ones, were I you....LOL

kenju said...

P.S. Wassily must have had fun doing that one!

Regina Clare Jane said...

I'm with kenju! I think wings are hard to come by these days anyways... ;)

Rainbow dreams said...

I doubt those wings would let you trade them in... they are far to precious - perhaps they are just in need of some oil to loosen them a little and a touch of extra sparkle and zing?

Hugs from here Dana, will be in touch too, x

paris parfait said...

I think the wings you have are quite the treat and can't possibly be replaced. Beautifully-written post. Well done, you.

Awareness said...

Judy...RIGHT ON! And I am very proud of them...... wassily's painting, unfortunately though not the original is hanging above my bed.

Regina clare jane.....i agree. It's just recently that I was told my real name is considered a guardian angel... so, my own wings are pretty special....they help me be me, and be on the look out for friends in need. :)

Katie....i think so. I have been thinking quite a bit today about venturing into another area, possibly to let my writing lead. I hope to follow up on a few "contacts" over the course of the next couple of weeks to see if it is feasible..... hence, when I saw the Prompt from sunday scribblings on "wings" my idea stemmed from the possibility of trying something new.

Tara....thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, I like my wings. I have a picture in my head of what they look like, but couldn't find anything to represent them as a pic. I will have to try to paint them..... and then take a pic.

Crafty Green Poet said...

nourish and enjoy your old wings, the ones they make these days aren't such good quality!

Awareness said...

hey crafty......i've heard rumours that they use unreclycable plastic in wing making these days..... yes, I will keep the old ones. Besides, they smell polished wood and cedar and lemon.

gautami tripathy said...

Now those are kind of wings I too want to possess. Thanks!!!

Tori said...

I just read your take on the prompt and find it neat how it seems to compliment my take on it.
You have such a knack for mixing authenticity, feeling, and your great sense of humour.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

You have beautiful wings that will take you wherever you need to go :) Sending you love, energy and peace, JP

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this.
Such an original take on "wings"!

Matthew said...

There is so much here that I don't know where to begin. I feel as if I were taken on a flight through your crisp descriptions and playful musings.
I think you have arrived at the right answer regarding your wings. New wings will not allow the richness of experience that your slightly used ones do.

Wonderful post. Thanks!

Matthew from Commonmisadventures

Awareness said...

guatami......i bet your wings are just as special.....and fit you to a "T" ... thank you for visiting.

Tori....I had the same feeling when I read yours. our writing, and the words and phrases we choose are similar. thank you for your compliments. ! Sometimes I'm too out there with the feelings and it can scare both me and the recipient......ah, but what's life without humour and FEELing?

Bohemian......thank you.

Matthew....I'm thrilled you took flight with me....... I thoroughly enjoyed your post as well.

take care all.

Awareness said...

Deb! I missed your comment and didn't reply......

Your wings are pretty darn spectacular as well......and will take you to new heights and sights, I bet!!