Thursday, February 26, 2009


it can
steal away focus,
create internal conflict
shrug off moral reasoning
taste like warm nectar
leave a bitterness
catch your breath
tantalize thoughts
launch impulsivity
cry freedom
frighten a grown man
start a new journey
tamper with dignity
strip down integrity
be gloriously sinful

stir a curious woman
shower you with shame

make you crave
break your spirit
harmonize two minds
be the answer to a great mystery
spark a lost soul
generate energy
kick you in the gut
leave you wanting more.

temptation entices a wandering unanchored passion in need of affirmation. it spins control on its side, wrapping it in an alluring flame with mesmerizing dreams. it chokes discipline leaving it bruised and unable to swallow.
acting on one may alleviate the trembling ache of emptiness with the heat of fulfillment or it can fuel the heart with an unrelenting desire for more.
aren't you curious to know where your temptations will lead? I wonder whats just beyond that door??


BreadBox said...

I can resist very little. But temptation? I practice resisting that all the time:-)

And sometimes, I get it right...

Marja said...

I like the temptation to frighten a grown man but I wouldn't succeed I think. I am pretty bad with some temptations like food others are in control or a sort of

The House on Big Island said...

I am frequently tempted to resist temptation - but I just don't want to give in to it....


kenju said...

Interesting that the temptations I might have given in to when I was young are not the ones currently tempting me! Now - it's only food!

Gilly said...

That is a very thorough post! And thought-provoking! My temptations all have to do with chocolate, I'm afraid. And I'm very bad at resisting them!

A'Jay said...

Mmmmm, Im more cautious... If initially tempted, I would withdraw, retreat... If it was to be more then temptation, if it was worth eternity, then time or perhaps the tempter would show me the path to travel ...

If I had the courage to open the door, then I would step through with the courage of a lion...

We are only limmited by our belief in what we need, desire want or deserve...

good post ...x

Awareness said...

N...if at first you don't succeed.....theres always a new day FRESH with no mistakes.

Marja....would like to see a few grown men frightened by temptation....and some who should step out a bit more.

Daisy...may you live everyday as you desire. is the path to other out!! haha!

Gilly...i find that my chocolate temps come and go...

A'Jay...I hope that I would have the courage of a lion to walk through that door...and it would only come if I had a full sense of intuition to carry with me.

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

oh dear jesus...i'm burning as i have opened a door....buuuuuurning.

Linda S. Socha said...

I would love to follow your blog but do not seem able to locate the widget. Do you have one on this blog?
Psyche Connections

Romany Angel said...

I know exactly where the door of temptation will lead me and visit it quite frequently. One day I hope to live there permanently ;)

Awareness said...

Irish's just the initial burst of heat which takes some getting used to...then, it simmers down and it just feels like a hot summer day at the beach.
or, perhaps you're experiencing a hot flash??

Linda....eeek, I don't know what a widget is...would love you to follow my blog. it would be an honour... psychic powers, and my blue light reiki-ness strongly inform me that this door will one day be yours....I think you already have had the key in your hands once or twice...its a good fit, eh?

Pinky said...

It taught me that I am a very sensual woman, and that I am lovable, even if totally alone.