Thursday, February 26, 2009

Charlie's Angel....

Yesterday, as I found myself stopped at an intersection on the way home from work, I could see the flashing lights of a parked police car just ahead of me. There had been a fender bender....a bus and a car bumped. Though it could've been a tragedy, it was just a really big scare for the driver I'm sure. How do I know this when I was only a passing person? Because my friend Charles, bloggerman extraordinaire was at the scene (of course) snapping photos, interviewing the car driver, asking questions.

You'd think there were 12 Charles Leblanc's in this city moving about snooping, prying, celebrating, promoting, ranting, youtubing, talking, walking, politicing, blogging.....the man is EVERYWHERE! Yes, right in the thick of the accident scene up pops ADHD Charles wearing his bright blue and white winter jacket with BLOGGER embroidered on the back getting the dirt on the situation and before you know, zap....zoom....he jig jags through the traffic to get to the other side of the street while lighting a smoke.
My God, Charles you make me laugh! How do you do it???? You've got radar bits in that baseball cap of yours. honest to God, you don't miss a damn thing around here! And you know what??? Thank God for YOU. You keep things hopping and you stir up big pots of bullshit to make sure people can smell the rank of it. You make sure people know the beauty of this province, especially this city and you make sure people from all walks of life are recognized and applauded because they matter!! You have no qualms about showing off the warts and wounds of the ugly side of this community and because you do that, you make people THINK, and ask WHY!
One of the things I miss the most since my office moved to Siberia away from downtown is that every once in a while I would get a knock on my window from crazy man Charles to meet him out back for a chat....a la blogger style. Good conversations we had eh? Ah, but all off record. I miss the window knock...or just bumping into Charles and being introduce to an Irving, or a Cabinet Minister, or a local community member, outreach worker, journalist.....he knows them all...and they know him.....and sometimes....well OFTEN it seems, Charles and I know many of the same people and don't even know it until something serendipitous happens.

Tonight, Charles asked me to post this Youtube of a woman from Fredericton who composes and sings her own songs. He wants you lovely and talented people who read my blog to have a looksee and listen. The video was composed in one take off of Charles' trusty camera, so its a bit rough around the edges, but I do believe the song and the singer have some talent. But, I'm a bit biased. You see.....Charles didn't know this, but I know the woman. It was at least 3 years ago I think when we met and what happened during our conversation which last a couple of hours was a magical moment when grace lightly floated into my office. Right beautiful Sharon? I remember....and I think you do too. YOU are an angel.

It was a pleasure to hear her voice....I knew she was trying to find it again....... So, have a listen and let US know what you think. And Charles??? Thank you for asking me. It's my pleasure. You do much for many, besides drive people crazy. lol!
I highly recommend a trip to Monsieur Leblanc's busy blog to check out the photos and commentary which streams along like a current of activity. The link is on my sidebar......


a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

let's go listen to her sing and have a drink somewhere...wear your crocks.


Awareness said...

Irish Heather....just my crocks? that would be scandalous. I'll wear my thong too ok? I'd feel much less self conscious.
I'd love to!

Charles LeBlanc said...

Just wanted to let you know that the girl came to my door tonight.

AS a matter of fact, she's right beside me as I'm writing this little note.

I told her that you were going to blog the youtube of her singing away.

But once I got to your site, I began to read and quickly noticed a story about moi!!!

Now...this singer also have ADHD so we both started to read the blog.

Now? She reads a little faster than me!!!



Anyway....I decided to give in because I was distracted by loud reading.


So, I went to roll myself a smoke and asked her to read your blog aloud.

MAN!!! I felt like 10 foot tall!!!

I felt good and the girl told me that it was great!!!

But the situation turned into a tearful one!!!

Because of your goody goody style?

You change the issue to the singer and she began to cry!!


Nothing worse than having an ADHD woman crying over my place!!! >


All in fun!!!!



Awareness said...

the scene you described Charles is hilarious and touching. I'm so glad she was at your place and got to see it....

smoke em if you got em Charles...maybe i'll see you at the market this weekend...we've got lots to catch up on mon ami...c'est vrai, c'est vrai...!

Anonymous said...

greenbelt... bring her!

Awareness said...

good have a stage for her?

Anonymous said...

she can play at my performance cafe

Anonymous said...

Beautiful lyrics, have her on loop while I write... I liked this one ...x

Anonymous said...

Very nice story you have written here! The youtube is good..this gal has talent..hats off and great luck! Thanks for posting it folks!

Independent Chick said...

She is soooo talented. Her lyrics gave me goosebumps. She's amazing. A hidden gem in this city. I say she needs a gig in a little cafe downtown. Some candle light, her angelic voice...that would make for one great night on the town.