Sunday, February 15, 2009


Your ship to come in

The tides to roll out

The winds to change

The sky to turn blue

A change of scenery awaits...

For .....

a full moon

precious time

a dashing rescuer

a clean break

the right moment

a rainbow to appear

a wink from the cosmos

springtime anew

an escape hatch

more money

less stress

a clear head

a sign from above

an omen

a friend

a flip of a coin

the right words

luck to change

a new job

the phone to ring.

For the stars to align.....

What are YOU waiting for?


much2ponder said...

Several of these would fit right about now:)

You have just be awarded the friendship award over at my blog spot. No pressure to pass it along, but I do want you to know I appreciate you:)

JP/deb said...

It is that brilliantly oozy combination of what the universe provides in the way of luck, providence, blessings, chance mixed with the fortitude of change that we initiate on our own. Breathe, breathe, and then dance like there's no tomorrow. Peace & love to you dear Dana ... xx, JP/deb

Awareness said...

m2p...thanks! are right...I seem to be waiting to do the "happy dance...." must re-jig the dance steps...DO the happy dance to improve breathing while WAITING! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the courage to stop abandoning my self.


kenju said...

Oh, maybe.....a rainbow, spring and my luck to change. Thanks for asking.

mo.stoneskin said...

I could definitely do with less stress, a wink from the cosmos and a bit more money, although I'm fed up of the phone ringing...

Seriously, that was the perfect thing to read as I start a new week after a difficult weekend.

Anonymous said...

my happy dance started last friday when i got that job - you hope for the universe to throw something your way then its up to you to grab it by the balls i guess - humankind and divine-kind sparring maybe?

Gilly said...

Yes, we all procrastinate, don't we? Time I got up and grabbed life before it goes by!

Anonymous said...

That is nice! However, in my case I dont rely on luck or some divine providence but just hard work and sheer determination.

Awareness said...

pinky...i hope you find it...friends often how that soul medicine...:) too...especially SPRING!!

mo. stoneskin...was thinking the same thing. oh, and you know what I do with the incessant-ness of the phone? I unplug it.

paul...YES...all of that and it was your bloody turn. x

gilly ....we sure do.. i know i do. it was my best subject.

charles....I'd like to rely on this too, but luck or something divine seems to play as well in my thinking.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for a sign. Always.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm Im waiting for courage...thats all..