Saturday, February 14, 2009

love and music

love always has a personalized soundtrack which heightens the thin air intimacy felt in the pinnacle of its beauty.
music feeds the efflorescence of romance by enhancing emotions with tripping heartbeats.
a shared song stops a moment in time.
it is the static woven in the electricity of two.
it paints love with soft sensual strokes of tenderness.
its melody threads desire with the dance.
and, as the years go by, one song can embrace shared nostalgic joy like nothing else can.
can love ever be without the accompanied seductive harmony?

on this, the day of all things lovely.......i wonder which songs are on your love playlist?
which song seduces the sparkling romantic in you?
what do you consider to be the greatest love song?


kenju said...

I will really have to give this some thought. I love Debussy, Rachmaninoff, and some other classical music, too, and it speaks of romanticism to me more than most others. But I grew up in an era of rhythm and blues and early rock and roll, and some of those songs make me think of love and romance more than others, simply because of the personal history I remember when I hear them. Also, the love songs of the 30's and 40's because those were what I heard most at home. My mom loved all the great crooners from that era, and was always singing or had the radio on to that music.

paulwchambers said...

tupelo honey by van morrison ....

Marja said...

Hearning the italien love songs from Andrea Bocelli can't beat anything. Although his Bessame mucho is spanish

Awareness said...

Judy....I grew up listening to Mel Torme, Ella and Sinatra parents always had music playing and those were their favourites. My Dad is a jazz fan too....I too love classical music...mostly from the Baroque period. But, it wasn't until I was an adult when I grew to love it.
On our first date, my husband sang Sinatra's "More than you Know" to me. :) all time favourite Van song, and my choice too...uncanny, my kindred friend. It is a blending of words and melody which for me captures tenderness and intimacy beautifully. I've seen him sing it live a couple of times and was completely swooped up in the song.
It will be playing later in this house. ;)
Marja...Bocelli is magical. I agree. Im glad you mentioned him because I hadn't thought of how much I love his voice. I'll have to pull out my CD and have a listen today too.

Romany Angel said...

I love anything by Sade because it's romantic and sexy and just begs to be made love to. The Sweetest Taboo springs to mind. I'm sure there are probably many others but that was the first one that popped into my head.

Happy Valentine's Day Dana. You are a very special lady and I hope you are spoiled accordingly. xx

swile67 said...

This will sound corny but the first thing that popped into my mind was Air Supply!! They had some great love songs! I also love, "Endless Love"!!:) But, the one I do love is by a christian singer named Steven Curtis Chapman, called "I will be here" written for his wife. It is beautiful!Thanks for sharing your fav. love songs with us!

Awareness said...

gypsy...I havent thought of Sade in a while. I loved that song when it was released...I'll have to dig up that CD again.
ps. was spoiled! flowers and two books. :)

karyne..I don't know that Christian song. I'll look into it and have a listen. thanks.

A'Jay said...

Sorry I didnt get back this way, I lost your link :)

Anything by Leonard Cohen & Im gone.. Dance me to the end of love.... Nick Cave "Into My Arms' Sade....

Awareness said...

A'Jay....Leonard has a new double album coming out, recorded in London during his latest tour. He's one of the country's most cherished treasures.

Nick Cave is a fav. of my husband's....