Monday, February 23, 2009

faeries and river ghosts...

The valley slumbered through the snowiest night
Their reveries courting romance
Faeries gathered with giggly delight
Commencing their wintry dance.

Tiny wings sheened in a shivering icy glow
Frosting the land as they swayed
Fiddle strains emanated below
River music softly played.

Faeries flitted with flurry to dust the bare trees
Haunting sounds the river does swoon
Twirling and swirling together with glee
Under the cloudy absence of the moon.

Ice grew thick on the river below
Impressing with it's appearance of sleep
Blanketed by the fresh fallen snow
Stopped in its tracks, slumbering so deep.

With peace and tranquility they dusted the land
Faeries are content little things
But the river ghosts sent out their command
To listen to the words they ring.

Wake up! Be aware of the stories we share
You people who live by the shore
Fear not our dear friends, don't carry despair
We bring you warm tidings of comforting lore.

Poem written a couple of years ago and tweaked today...seemed appropos to accompany a few photos taken today....the snowiest day of the year.


Gilly said...

Now that is what I call snow!!! Lovely poem too!

Awareness said...

Gilly...we had more snow yesterday in a 12 hour span than i can remember. you could literally see it piling up! The winds were quite dramatic too. The sun is out now and it really is quite beautiful. Across the river from my home, there is a large field of white snow with a bright red barn standing in full view.

JP/deb said...

Tiny wings sheened in a shivering icy glow

I love this line! Wonderful poem and brrrr-chilly photos!

Sending tidings & friendship!
Peace & love, JP/deb