Monday, February 16, 2009


To Be























left alone



to be loved.

what do YOU want?
Is what you're doing getting you what you want?


Anonymous said...

touched would be the favourite as life stands right now!

Anonymous said...

Love takes time (20 years in my case) to deliver. For the moment all is well and fine!

much2ponder said...

Am I getting what I want? Good question. I think I'm getting what comes out of my actions and reactions. I haven't been thinking about it much these past few weeks, but I feel something brewing that I am going to write about soon concerning this. Thanks for asking awareness!

Tim Scammell, Professional Technologist said...

Dana, you know me.
Would you agree that realistically the things that I want (need) right now are too numerous to be obtained?
I'm always working on it but some may never be found.
I'll have to accept that eventually.

Awareness said... thinking touch encompasses so many of our "wants." It is packaged in so many flavours too and for so many reasons.

Selma....for those who wait...glad love found you..

m2p...are our actions and reactions the result of trying to get what we want? so, in order to understand why we act and react, should we be focused on understanding the inspired wants?

tim...I think what you want is similar for most of your actions and goals. So, you dont have many "wants".....maybe many results! No, I don't think it's too much.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I want all of those I getting them all? No, so I must be doing something wrong?

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

i want ALL of that...i deserve all of it dammit.


Marja said...

It's like a little poem Yes I do get what I want especially working with kids They are very generous but otherwise I can't complain either

kenju said...

At this stage of my life, I mostly want to be accepted for who I am and then left alone! LOL

swile67 said...

I want everyone(including me) to be able to accept each other for who we are-who God created us to be-allowing us to be free!

swile67 said...

PS Yes, I'd like to think what I'm doing is getting what I want but it is a slow process!

much2ponder said...

I believe what I am trying to say in my last comment is that I tend to reap what I sew, but in reality I believe when my basic needs are met I am not acting out of wants or needs, but instead I am looking at the other person's needs I find it easier to get along. But reactions are often based on the other person and how they are relating to me at any given time. I cannot get ahead of where a relationship might lead...I need to simply let things happen and it is risky business.

Awareness said...

layla...maybe it takes more time to attain them...or maybe it takes a shift in thinking in order to come at it from a different angle?

Irish....Welcome to it all!'s wonderful you've found your career niche where these are captured. surely is!
m2p...oh, yes I agree. it is through our relationships and interactions where much of what we want is found.

Anonymous said...

Touched, and at the moment protected... there are days you just want to curl up and let another take the lead... sigh

Awareness said...

i know the feeling well...but unfortunately when a woman is strong in spirit and presence, which i believe (if i can be so bold as to assume this) we both are, protection is a rare commodity....a rare gift. it is expected of us to give, but i'm afraid it rarely is reciprocated. perhaps it needs to be provided through other channels? I don't know...

what i do know is that feeling...