Saturday, February 07, 2009

change of light

"I watched the sun as it rises and sets
I watched the moon trace its arc with no regret"
Bruce Springsteen, Kingdom of Days

the view down my street from the end of my driveway.
it's hard to gather from this photo but the piles of snow are
taller than me.

This morning, I fell into a portal of learning and was absorbed by the new and old. I LOVE the information highway!! It fed my need for knowledge and my desire to figure some stuff out that had accumulated after a week of strange and interesting interactions through my counselling work. If it isn't processed and reflected upon to some extent, then it clogs my own safe harbour.
Good thing I needed to put the kettle on again and looked out the kitchen window. Good thing the puppy needed to saunter outside for a morning airing and needed a companion. Good thing I lifted my head up in time. Because what was unfolding as I had my head in my own clouds of trying to figure out the past week, was a present moment gift on the horizon. An impressionistic canvas of colour filled the morning sky. I almost missed a little miracle.

I love the textured billowing of the clouds and the shades of pinks and purples. These two photos are untouched. The sky this morning was exactly as it is shown here. Can you see the little heart window in the picture below? I wonder where it leads?

"Sing away, sing away, sing away, sing away
Sing away, sing away, my darling, we'll sing away
This is our kingdom of days
This is our kingdom of days"
Springsteen, Kingdom of Days
Winter's sunrises are always spectacular. I think God intended it that way to lift us a little out of the bleak landscape every now and then, and to help us remember we are living in the kingdom of days. We just have to lift our heads more often to receive His gifts. We are surrounded by beauty.


Romany Angel said...

I think we all spend far too much time with our eyes downcast and just look at one of the beautiful sights any one of us could be missing. Those pics are spectacular Dana.

Awareness said...

hey Gypsy...last night at sunset, I was driving the kids to an event up the river from me. The drive takes you right into the sunset...the sky was the colour of watermelon. It was stunning over the landscape...snowy hills and a frozen river. We were all in awe of it and spoke about how lucky we are to live in a such a beautiful part of the world where we have such scenery and expansive fields and forests. You almost take it for granted because the beauty is within our touch and is all around us. Later last night, the sky was filled with stars and an almost full moon...the air crisp and clean, and I thought of all the people in this world who never get a chance to see our galaxy so clearly and freely. I wish I could bottle it and send it to them because it really makes me feel alive and grateful. Very grateful.

Selma said...

I see the little heart. I see it. Such a joyous sight. To look up to the sky is always a revelation of some sort. Spectacular sights!

Charles LeBlanc said...

I got to start getting out early in the morning to take pictures./.....

paulwchambers said...

it's a beautiful hymn....

Awareness said...

i think it may be my favourite....but then my favourite seems to change everyday...kind of like my mind.