Sunday, March 09, 2008

passing it on..........

Claudia presented me with a lovely gift last week ............ and it felt like a light right in the middle of the darkness when I was feeling the worst of this crazy flu. It was such a wonderful gesture which made me feel not so darn alone and shivery..... Thank you, Claudia. Your timing was spot on!
Today I would like to pass it onto Naomi Caryl a new friend who has been blogging for about the same length of time as I have. Naomi's eclectic blog is full of wonderful stories from her career in show business. She provides commentary on movies, music, documentaries.........insights and observations from someone who has experienced life to the fullest. As well, Naomi's has a beautiful flare for photography, painting and many other creative endeavours. Her home has a bird's eye view from the "Hills" which allows her to launch her stories and perspectives....... I LOVE visiting Naomi's do many many others........ She has made me feel special just like she does with everyone who visits!

Today, Naomi posted a link to a few songs she performed and recorded in the 1950's along with the photos taken of her during the time of the recording. I love that technology today can allow us a glimpse of another musical era but more importantly that we can all relive it with her.
I welcome you to check out Naomi's beautiful blog and her beautiful self...........and make sure you take the time to read some of the previous stories she has shared with her readership. I guarantee you'll enjoy everything you read. Don't forget to leave her your "calling card!"


No Nonsense Girl said...

Found you through Claudia's blog and I'm leaving a comment to let you know I've been reading. :)

From one canadian to another. :D

Open Grove Claudia said...

Well done! And what a great person to award to! Yippee! :)

Wonelle said...

Hello, Michele sent me. Looking forward to visiting you and Claudia again soon. Feel better soon.

Awareness said...

Salut no nonsense girl. Bienvenue. Je suis souris que tu lit mon blog.

Go Leafs.

Claudia.....I'm glad you're pleased!

Wonelle.....welcome.....I'll check out your blog too.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thank you soooo very much Dana,....How very dear of you to pass on this gift and to also say such lovely things about my blog...AND link me, too! I thank you Dana, with all my heart....!
And I hope I can live up to all these beautiful and gracious things you have said about me...(lol)!

kenju said...

How nice of you to pass it on to Naomi, a most deserving blogger! Congrats to you too.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

I hope you feel better soon my dear. Thanks for passing on the love - can't wait to visit her site. xx, JP/deb

Gypsy said...

Congratulations Dana, you are certainly a very worthy recipient. I have visited Naomi's blog before but must stop by for another visit. She is certainly a fascinating lady and tells wonderful stories about her life.

Barbara said...

Hi D,

I sure hope you are feeling better - there was a bit of comfort knowing we were sick at the same time, misery loves company :)

Great award from Claudia! I will check out Naomi's blog and let her
know how I found her!

Awareness said...'re very welcome. I hope you receive a couple of new readers on your blog. BTW, I read your story last night about Eva Gabor (Gertrude!) and loved it!

Judy...She's a you are! energy is back in full swing thanks. I guarantee you'll enjoy the stories and photos Naomi shares.

Gypsy......and shining a light of friendship your way too.

Layla...Yes, it is always nice to know that misery is shared! There were many dealing with it at work too. Amazing how it has spread. Glad you're feeling better too.