Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tragedy struck Fredericton a little over a week ago when Blogger somehow shut down the one and only Mr. Blogger, Charles Leblanc. Or perhaps.................Charles uploaded one too many pictures in his single handed attempt to overload the blogging system. Yes, he clogged his blog.
Now, no one died. No animals were lost in the ensuing research of a few Freddy town computer geeks' attempts to ressurect the MILLIONS of posts and pics that Charles has accumulated, but it must be stated that there was a quietness that permeated the air while Charles held his breath in hopes that his trusty blog would be found. Alas, it seems like it's gone forever. Given that my friend is known for his WILD imagination.........and his penchant for digging out the truth behind many conspiracies in this city, it was questionable initially that perhaps some evil lurking petrol family may have had their way with silencing this virtual journalist.
Did the conspiracy beast turn around and bite Charles' in the ass?
Did many breathe a sigh of relief that perhaps their online photos evaporated too? was a computer glitch.............and a bad one.
Luckily for us, Charles has a new blogsite, and already he's posted quite a few pictures and already, he's upped the ante on a few questionable stories filtering about.......... There's no holding down New Brunswick's Prince of Blogdom. The only difference? He's now added "rookie" to his resume. You can't keep an ADHD crazy man down!
As promised, here's in the NEW LINK to Mr. Blogger's site. I guarantee you'll find something of interest......... check out the photos of downtown Fredericton...............oh, and look for the long icicle dangling off the roof of a building. It was taken just above my office window.
There you go, Monsieur Leblanc..............You won the 2007 Blogger of the year in Spink's contest last year...........perhaps this year you'll win Rookie of the year? Go get em tiger............


Charles LeBlanc said...

Very nice words from an Irving blogger!!!



Awareness said...

You're very welcome, Irving blogger wannabe.

You have some GREAT shots of the river and the ice rink. I miss that scene. My office used to look out at Officer's Square.

paris parfait said...

Will have to check his blog out - he sounds like the best sort of intrepid reporter/sleuth. :)

Marja said...

Sounds interesting Will check out
Mr Charles