Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I can guarantee that I'm having a better week than one Governor of New York. What is it with these guys? The only way I can wrap my head around the stupidity of shagging a $1000.00 an hour prostitute while projecting an image of "Mr. Clean," is to look at the ramifications (good word eh?) of what POWER can do to one's gazongas. What an aphrodisiac!

There seems to be a fine line between the power of being a revered leader, high up on the top pinnacle of success..........where everyone bows down TO you and listens to every word you utter AND the power of feeling infallible........where you lose complete sense of being a mere mortal. Do these people feel like they would never get caught, or is it that they thrive on the element of risk taking?

Just once, I'd like to see the spouse refuse to stand by their husband's side while they mutter through a spin doctored speech. I winced at the pain Silda Spitzer must have been enduring standing off to the side, head down............standing by her man. And, what about the three daughters? How do the women in this man's life endure from here on in? How do they deal with the shame splashed all over their lives?

If Spitzer was going to do anything to help this situation, resigning right away would've been the best next step. Instead, he is dragging his wounded family through even more muck and media attention while he makes a sorry attempt to retain his position.......one that he has most definately lost forever. When he eagerly signed up to be "Client 9," Eliot Spitzer decided he was just a man who couldn't say no.......over and over and over again.......pathetically dee-powered and phallible.

At least he has a few mentors to help him figure out his new career path.....Ted? Gary? Bill? Barney? Pastor Ted? Larry? David? You got yourself another player for your ball team.


kenju said...

HAHA! "phallible"....was that intended - or a Freudian slip?

You are so right about this guy. Look at Silda's body language: the head leaning away from him, eyes down, expression one of sheer exhaustion. I feel so sorry for her and her family. He's slime and I hope they nail him for money funny business.

Barbara said...

Could it be that he's simply a scumbag pervert that doesn't get off unless he pays for sex? Well, whatever his REASONS for doing it, I agree with everything you said and hope that this is the last time we see a wife standing by her "man" after he's disgraced her and their children. What is wrong with these women??? Seriously, I don't understand???

Awareness said...

Judy.....it was intended. :) Where does she go from here? The humiliation must be intense.

Layla...I don't know..... I think there must be a correlation between power, risk taking.....the feeling one has when attaining power and how it feels the same during sex. These are smart high functioning people who cognitively know better. This is what fascinates me. I don't know if they are perverts. I think their luck ran out.....and they got caught, but I wonder how much of this behaviour is in all of us?

Gypsy said...

I read about this on Barbara's blog I think and I feel that poor woman's pain. Even more I feel for the kids who will be the brunt of gossip and innuendo and relentless torment from their peers.

His life will of course go on as before. It would be excruciatingly painful enough to find out about your husband's expensive extra curricular activities but for the whole world to know it too....unbearable.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

One wonders why this man was sooo Self-Destructive? And it always seems to be the men who yell the loudest about corruption of some kind that end up being revealed to be completely corrupt themselves. I honestly don't think it is so horrible that he frequented a prostitute..What is bad is that his whole time as attorney general of New York was spent routing out people who supposedly were doing stuff just like him. He built his whole career on "righteous indignation" cases....!
And his poor wife. The Humiliation For Her....! And his daughters...That part is really appalling. So, to me, it all goes back to WHY would this man be So Self-Destructive??

Awareness said...

Naomi.......this is EXACTLY what I've been thinking. It's the dumbfounding self destruction thing...... is it some kind of emotional disconnect? Is it a risk taking thing.......? I'm sure there are MANY who access the same high flying services. The only difference is that this guy got caught.

Yeah, for me it's more of a conundrum to understand the motivation behind this behaviour. The behaviour I don't really care about, except that it impacted his family.

Even today when he resigned?? Did you catch how he worded things? He needed time to heal himself and his family. FRIG! You'd think he'd mention his family first. But, sometimes these types are so self absorbed that they only see themselves first......very self centred. But then, this is how people treat them day in and day out, like they are Gods..... the whole groupie thing happens in all these circumstances.

It happens in politics, sports, music, theatre etc........they can have anything they want!!