Thursday, March 06, 2008

updates and thoughts........

It's early evening and all is quiet. I'm hoping to hear the sound of a snowblower revving up on the of my many neighbours with that kind of toy who will save me from renting a jackhammer to clear out the end of my driveway. I tried to shovel the stuff after work when I got home, hoping it would've loosened up a bit from the warmish temps today. No such luck. The storm that hit yesterday brought snow, ice pellets and rain which then froze over like cement by morning.

Does this not sound like a little piece of hell?

However, I do have hope. This is a street filled with boys with toys. Charlie, the cigar chomping Hummer driver with a superb francophone accent, AND a pick up truck with a plow on the front of it isn't home from work yet. Normally, on his way past my house, Charlie will get us out of a snowpile jam with his pick up if he happens to be driving that vehicle. He's a little heavy handed and footed with his help and has in the past dug up the side of the driveway in his attempts to be neighbourly....... the last time he helped, he heaved up the snow and blocked off the side door and the whole side of the house with a 10 foot wall of the stuff. But, he means well........ and if he could just plow by tonight, I wouldn't care if I can't use the side door until June.

Perhaps if I made a pathetic swipe with my little Canadian Tire shovel and then had a coughing spasm in the middle of the attempt while standing under the streetlight so the neighbours could see me, then I would be rescued. Its a thought. So is waiting until tomorrow when it's supposed to warm up again............

The problem? If it doesn't get done tomorrow.......... another f****ing storm is arriving on Saturday and I will be DOOMED!!


I'm home alone. While I write this, my daughter is in Florida for March break with her friend, staying with her Grandparents (my Mom and Dad). I just got off the phone with her. They just made a successful trip to Target (a store not seen in these parts.......). I laughed when I heard the Ladies who spend their winters in the Sunshine State, remarked to Martha and Rachel when they arrived poolside in their teeny tiny bikinis and their lily white bodies......... that they better be careful in the sun with their virgin skin. Ah, New Brunswick winters have the magic of turning anyone's skin virgin like again. It's immaculate.

My husband and son are also away...........on a road trip with another father and son combo to Boston! As I write, they are ALL sitting in an IMAX theatre getting blown away by U23D!!!! Their itinerary today? Big breakie at Denny's.......tour of Fenway Park........Aquarium to see sharks........U23D at the Aquarium Imax............dinner somewhere and the piece de resistance? The Toronto Maple Leafs vs. The Boston Bruins.

As much as I would LOVE to be lying on a beach in Florida with my virgin skin, I would LOVE to be tripping it out in Boston today with the boys.


Tonight, I didn't make dinner. It was grand. Instead, I ate a whole bowl of fresh strawberries and washed it down with a glass of wine. I positioned myself in the big comfy chair by the window in the living room that overlooks the river..............facing west. I tried to ignore that fact that the river is frozen over and covered in snow cement. Instead, I thought about how LOTS of snow is a good thing for strawberry fields, and raspberry bushes. I wondered if it would help protect the blueberry hills........and if it would hinder the maple sap running this month...... I realized how it may be a good thing for my perrenials all dormant and desperate to seek sun again.

And while I enjoyed my strawberries despite the distance they had to travel to reach me at this time of year, I caught sight of the dancing light on the rooftops on the other side of the river....I watched the sun slide behind the hills leaving wisps of pale orange....... I stared at the naked branches of the huge oak trees in my neighbours backyard, enjoying the silouette strength they exhibit at twilight, remembering just how gorgeous they were in their autumn glory and thinking how beautiful they will be when they bud in newness.

This winter has been doubt about it. And, it's definately not over. As much as I would like to escape it right now....... I wouldn't trade my home for another place to live. Why? Because, there is nothing like seeing and feeling and INHALING the first true signs of spring after a long hibernation when you live in Canada. There is a sense of thanksgiving, hope and accomplishment all mixed together on the first day I find myself mucking about in my garden. I do love living where there are 4 distinct seasons. I guess if one could eliminate the month of March, then real true spring wouldn't be so exquisitely sweet.

The game is on in March is never a good time for the Maple Leafs but maybe my two men will bring them some luck tonight. At the end of the first period? It's tied one all. This game has been on the calendar since Christmas morning when the tickets were presented to Max.........I hope it's a barn burner for his excited pleasure.


Marja said...

Hi Dana Happy that you had some nice reflections now you are on your own. I had to surpress my laugh when reading about your idea of how to get some help, because I am at work at the computer centre.
ake care and spoil yourself

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You write so very beautifully Dana....You almost make me wish I lived in your BEAUTIFUL part of the world....! (lol) Operative word: Almost! But I can understabnd why you love it so much...! And just how far did those strawberries have to travel to get to you? It is amazing that right here in Califoenis the fruit that is available right now is NOT very good....(I actually have not checked out the strawberries here...maybe they are fantastic---Little else is!!)

Enjoy that game my dear....! Stay watm and cozy, too!

Awareness said...

Marja! Tonight I'm feeling like I'm human again, though still not 100%. Every now and then I do have a coughing jag, so I figured the least i could do is go have one in the middle of my street.

Naomi. Thank you. It is beautiful, except in March! :) The strawberries were actually from California! They definately weren't as good as the fresh ones in know the kind that are so red and juicy that they stain your fingers? mmmm...... They are my favourite food. But, surprisingly, the ones I had tonight had a lot of flavour.

Our hockey team ended up winning BIG tonight! 8-2! I received a phone call from them after the second period and they were having a blast! Turned out they were sitting with another group from New Brunswick....a bunch of crazy men who had made the trek down (it's a 10 hour drive) to see the game! And, it sounds like the whole day has been "the best day ever!" how often do our expectations get met? I'm so pleased for them.

and the U23D concert? Well, it brought the two Dads to tears!

Barbara said...

I would not know the first thing about living in snow. Its so foreign to me to even imagine having to think about stuff like how to get out of the driveway or ice or cold.

Enjoy your moments of solitude. I hope your family is also enjoying!

Barbara said...

PS Just read your comment to Old Lady - Congrats on the hockey win. U23D is PERFECT. You have to see it if you like U2, its not optional, its a must!

Gypsy said...

Just read through your comments and congrats on your team winning. My team are playing in the footy final tomorrow night and I am hoping for the same result.

Enjoy this special time on your own and take care of that cough. If you are going to have to cough though by all means do it in the street and at least get something out of

Strawberries....mmmmmm....together with champagne. Delicious!!

Mark said...

Sounds like you are enjoying your time. Hope you got plowed out. Have a great weekend!

Awareness said...

Layla...yes, I would love to see the U2 concert....maybe I'll have a chance when I'm in London. The closest venue from here is in halifax.....5 hour drive away. I doubt it will come to this province.

as for the snow? you're welcome anytime to visit ... or perhaps I could ship some to you. There's a fresh bunch arriving tomorrow!!!!!!

Gypsy....bon chance to your team this weekend! My team is so pathetic that I doubt they will make the playoffs this year despite their win last night.

Mark......I just completed the snow shovelling! This was a brutal task because of the rock solid mass. I came home at lunch to throw salt on helped a bit, but my goodness it was difficult. AND, while I'm chipping and shovelling away, 3 male neighbours came by to say hello and talk about the frigging weather!!!!!

Where is chivalry I ask??? Not one of them offered to help.....even though I did my best to spazz out with a coughing jag.


it's done..

until tomorrow.