Sunday, September 23, 2007

new attire

Don't you wish you had the guts to wear this ensemble?
These are the legs of a vendor at the local Farmer's Market in my hometown. She always has a smile on her face and is always friendly as she sells her whimsical hand sewn bags. A bright warm light of friendly. She kind of reminds me of the girl on the Big Comfy Couch.

Whimsy........ an attitude and a feeling I will aspire to this week. I may have to copy this fashion style to really fulfill the essence of whimsy...........and if I could anyone call me difficult or threatening in a get up like that? On the other hand, it may lead to people wondering if I jumped onto the beyond eccentric bus on my way to Oz.

I think I'll take my chances, and wear my whimsy with glee.

ps. thank you to everyone who has left me such wonderful comments and/or has sent me emails. I feel so much better.......and much stronger to face whatever it is that I will have to endure for a while.

Happy Gleefully Whimsically Eccentrically Wishes


Mad Mac said...

Dana - You've never been hard to work with, perphaps others find it difficult to work through you, as you are always looking out for those who can't look out for themselves and "They" just don't get that. "Put more water in the soup, there's better days a comin'"

Hopefully someone will acknowledge your true gifts and pay you to share them.


Awareness said...

Hey Mr. Mac....thank you. I love working with you helping out one of the individuals you are working with. It's easy to have one's paranoia fed around here..... :) However, today has been an exceptionally good day which I wasn't expecting. So I'm glad. I guess I am hard to get through....will be a little more osmotically aware (just made up that word.... i like it).

One and I will pull together that workshop we've chatted about so often over the years.

The soup's simmering.....just put a couple of handfuls of vegies in it and some more spice....better days are definately on their way.

Rainbow dreams said...

now that looks like some one who is oodles of fun ~ eccentric or just colourful? the more I look at those legs the more normal it seems :)

Lucy said...

sorry to hear you weren't well. Hope you're doing better now.
I am SO into whimsical! Wouldn't it be great if more jobs allowed such a fun costume?! :)

Tori said...

That is a great motto....Wearing my whimsy with Glee!!!!!

I love this photo.
Now there is a girl who knows how to make a great impression!