Wednesday, August 04, 2010

smiling radiance

bliss exists in the spirit of sweet surrender
when bodies blend into the
heat of hungry kisses
slow dancing
and tangled limbs
yearning to feel rippling tickletouches

at the ledge steeped in tenderness
this sensuous heartbeat
of melting madness
tips us beyond reason
beyond witness
transporting us on a sinful ride of radiance....
smiling radiance.

speaks from a place so beautiful,
envelopes us in a shared internal world
moves us into a deeper jazzy chasm

where vulnerable need dwells

it plays the sweet sound of the sax
we long to remain entwined.
humans yearn to remain entwined.

when surrendering is all we can do
when surrendering is all we want to do...
bliss blesses us with its presence
dappled in the elegance of abandoned reasoning

there are some moments in life better than others aren't there? 
when was the last time you were kissed by bliss? 
isn't it time to seek it out again? 
may those tickletouches taste like fresh mint.


Kay said...

yeah. passion is great! to be taken back to the first kiss every time...

only very few are so fortunate...


awareness said...

Yeah, but life ain't over yet Kay! It's a goal we can all strive for. :)

Anonymous said...

You captured the purity of that sweet mingling.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!

If you ever turn your hand to erotic writing, I will want to be the first to read it.

Just so you know your "peppermint" admirer is still here - but sadly not available :(

awareness said...

Jason...purity is how i see it too, and a cleansing of deep yearnings. thank you for seeing sweet mingling through the same lens. ;)

awareness said...

Anon peppermint admirer....just so you know? Awareness does have another side to her. She has dappled in the type of writing you refer to. Poetry and stories....yet to be read. Some yet to be written, but percolating in the essence of crushed wild roses.
why are you not available?? damn!

awareness said...

Anon? Flip me an email and I'll send you a story you would like. ;)

Anonymous said...

I would love to send you an email but when I click on your name it just tells me my default is not set up correctly and it doesn't show your email address :(

awareness said...

Anonymous said...

Thanks...a note has gone!!

Mark said...


Living in bliss!

awareness said...

Mark...can you imagine? I wonder if you'd get anything accomplished? Like doing the groceries or completing the chores....? :)