Tuesday, August 24, 2010

tangles and tangos

In your light
I learn how to love.
In your beauty, how to make poems.
You dance inside my chest,
where no one sees you,
but sometimes I do,
and that sight
becomes this art.

Have you ever experienced the iridescent flow of creativity when the act of expression seems to come from the movement of an internal dance? The feeling is one of an alignment to a fresh air thinness, where freedom captures you in its magic. Sometimes we try too hard to be creative or to stretch our imagination. Sometimes it even feels like mind zapping work because our energy to find that heartdance tangles in the tango of yearning.

There is a cross stitch step we often trip over in our desire to create. The wanting overpowers the action. Personal expectations and self-judgement blur the motion of doing, and of finding His dance of life hidden within us. We want to perform, paint, play out, poetize and as seekers of perfection, we lose sight of His gift of beauty and light where the soft murmuring passion quietly settles.

Perfection is not wanted on the voyage of discovery. Perfection is not found in the beauty of our artistry. When we touch on the blue-glass iridescence of shimmering possibilities, our grip on expectations loosens as the vision for our creations clarifies.

What interests me is the point where the illuminative transitional pull from feeling like the yearning seems to be choking the ability to produce anything of substance moves to a place where one enters the zone where creative flow alights. I believe it can be compared to experiencing early morning dawn after the 4 am dark night. Both are beautiful in their own way. Both are needed in the gestation of creation. Both can be dwellings where we are captured by the internal dance, if we don't find ourselves trapped in encircling yearnings. But, there is an indescrible essence where "aha" happens.....and the heartdance is found.

Tonight, I continue to wait for creative clarity.  Vision remains blurry.  Thoughts remain scattered.  Feelings strum in living notes.  My soul is awash in paint strokes of bleeding colours, like the night scene at an endless summer carnival.  And all around  is a Spirit which assures me with wind whispers and light dances.......

Be patient.
It will untangle
Be patient......
you're learning the steps of a new tango.
Be patient....
You're beautiful dancing just as you are......


Susan Deborah said...

This image of dancing is particularly striking because I tried learning dance but somehow, it wasn't happening. I love to dance and feel that it is something that makes us alive to ourselves: body, mind and soul. But people who danced with me always felt that I was tripping of not so graceful. Life is also like that.
"You're beautiful dancing just as you are......" sums up everything.

Love and joy dear Dana,

Twain12 said...

to me there is beauty in imperfection and the uncomfortable, you described it well

awareness said...

Susan... sometimes our best dance steps are when we trip up and let our arms fling out in some random fashion!
Life is like that....not so graceful, but somehow it is full of grace isn't it?

Twain....thank you... let our imperfections shine in beauty always.