Friday, August 06, 2010

the sweet scent of serenity

Spencer's Island twilight blues.....

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change......and to recognize that peace can be everlasting.
God grant me the courage and wisdom to know the difference of what I can and cannot change."


Has it become one of those well worn words, or does it still have a purity to it that goes beyond a bath oil essence? We do our very best to market it or bottle it or even sell it in dark alleys. We hang posters of it in our family rooms or offices. We sniff it, spread it, sit in it, ingest it. We have turned it into a mission statement for all recovering human beings.  Gee, I'm sure we've even made porn movies starring someone named Serenity. Condoms? Is there a serenity brand? Probably, along with a dozen or so sex toys all promoting a cascadingly erotic trip to serenity. I'm not saying that one can't find serenity after a rousing romp of steamy sex, but is that serenity or simply exhaustion after a release of pent up hormones? 

Hmmmmm...........good question, Awareness! Anyone have an answer to that one?

Well, let me give it a shot. (ok that was deliberate Anon!) Given that the definition refers to a state of peaceful being, it seems whatever leads you to that door is up for grabs.

Serenity. It's still one of my most favourite words......right up there with the word Bliss.  Though it's not one I use often in my daily life., because serenity and daily life don't seem to merge on a regular basis. This week, the word kept harmonizing in my head as I tried to strip away the fog of stress. It was like a mantra replaying over and over in my thinking.  When I was able to focus on the soothing cool waters that do accompany the sound of the word and the vision I have of its poetic contentment......?  I could feel its balm massage my temples.  I could feel a stillness just a fingertip touch away.....

Ah!   The sweet scent of serenity.... like the enticing aroma of crushed wild roses or the dainty scent of lily of the valley....  a lavender field in full bloom, a fresh cut lilac bouquet lingering a light essence in the breezes of a home.......

Calm cool quiescence........the warm encompassing feeling as one watches a beautiful summer sunset after a challenging day. It seems to soak into our pores like a salve or a lotion which moisturizes our parched skin when we've been away from recognizing beauty of the world around us. One amazing sunset can realign our universe and leave us understanding serenity more deeply....and longing for more.  We taste the sweetness of serenity and we yearn for more..... just one taste leaves your heart bleeding for more.

Yesterday, I had an impromptu lunch with two beautiful women.  Friends.  We're all going through our own difficult stuff and I hope they know I am there for them as much as they have been there for me.  When we get together, there is always a flurry of activity and chatting.... catching up like we havent seen one another in a long time and yet we have been in touch regularly for a long time now.  But it just seems as though so much happens in a spit of a moment that there is always a sense of a reunion. Today was no different..... and the feelings and frustrations were shared.  
Eventually, as we ate the most delicious homemade curry soup and fresh pesto green beans compliments of one of these friends, we began to talk about serenity......needing it, yearning for it..... trying to capture it even for a fleeting moment as a way to catch our breath.  As a way to breathe more evenly.  It seemed like an impossible task, to capture the glow of serenity, but interestingly as we began talking about our desires, the level of intensity in the air settled.  Our voices, once shrill with frustration softened.  The sounds around us became quieter.  As we simply spoke of the magic of serenity.  Like it longed to be heard.  

Whisper the word .............. "serenity."  There's no need for a prayer full of words.  You simply need one.....  "serenity."  You reach that place of comfort when time floats freely in the thinness of air, and it automatically leads you to the next part of the prayer.... "Thank you."

Though it can't be forced, serenity is really all around us if we just take the time to slip into it's magical soft scented powers every once in a while. It may mean a soak in a tub filled with aromatic essences, or an early morning wake up to be alone with your thoughts, or an intimate candlelit moment of lovemaking. It may be the feeling one attains after a completing a mid morning jog, or sitting down on a train heading home after a long day of interacting joyfully with a group of enthusiastic learners..........our serenities are as unique as our thumbprints. But, the feeling is always the same. It is a peaceful centred existence when all of a sudden we can honestly say.....

All is right in the world. All is right with the world....  For a moment, I touched the hem of Heaven.

May you find your source of poetic peacefulness at least once a day and may you share yours with a friend. 

 ps.  J and H?  Serenity is sorting through beach glass with glee allowing it to be the lead in a new fabulous piece of art. It will be the flow of the creative process that will lead you to its door......

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