Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fleeting glimpses

Aha moments often catch you by surprise, tend to be fleeting, but leave you feeling powerful, tingly, reassured and awake. If you are asleep at the wheel, you may miss it altogether. It happens only when you are able to calmly silence yourself inside in order to be able to allow your senses be alert.

It happens......

When there is a merging of two minds...........whether it is an outwardly vocal joust or an inwardly silent shared thought.

When there is a kindredness that can't be described or logically explained. It is the experience of being in a relationship based on sympathy of thought or feeling.

When two people are open to and accepting of each other's vulnerabilities because there is a shared sense of security, trust and acceptance.

When someone allows you to look deep into their eyes as they reveal to you their essence.

When you suddenly find peace and stillness in the middle of a flurry of activity.

In a canoe, slicing through the water, with the sun on your face. The noise of the world turns off, and you are alone to hear the symphony of nature.

When you are surrounded by a sea of people at a concert, feeling connection to them but at the same time alone in the crowd, and the first notes of your favourite song emanate from the piano........

On early Christmas morning when you slip into your children's room and quietly watch them sleep peacefully

When you share your innermost thoughts with your soulmate and they are accepted and understood.

During the intensity of an intimate moment when there is an unspoken bond of understanding compassion and kindredness.

When you are driving, shopping, working, gardening, washing dishes, vacuuming, cleaning, raking, cooking, reading, walking, counselling, talking, sitting in front of the fireplace, in the middle of a loud party, shovelling the driveway, drinking a strong hot cup of tea, sitting in the bathtub counting your can happen anytime, anywhere........but only if you are AWAKE!

Don't miss it...................

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